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28-Sep-2021 - 28-Sep-2021

Patient Partnering in Clinical Development

We are facing a new norm based on the current experience in clinical trial conduct during a pandemic.

Difficulties in reaching sites led to a new concept of facing clinical development in a multi-factorial way, such as a more pragmatic approach when monitoring sites, a creative risk analysis and contingency while still maintaining data quality and compliance.

Patient Partnering in Clinical Development (PPCD) 2021 is focusing on how this influences the patient’s journey and involvement as partners and what we have learnt to put in place for the next steps to the new norm!

Discussions will include:

  • Industry and patients: Multifactorial journeys to engagement
  • Regulatory agencies: Involving patients in the process
  • Hybrid clinical trials: The new norm
  • Changing clinical development: Lessons from Covid 19
  • Compassionate use and patient access: A look at the options
  • The patient experience: Testimonials and information exchange

Scientific Board
Nancy Meyerson-Hess - Consultant Clinical Research, Chief Compliance & Regulatory Officer at eMQT, Expert Partner at admedicum
Raphaela Schnurbus, PhD - Business Development Director at Premier Research, Clinical Research Solutions Management – Milan, Italy
Mimi Choon-Quinones - Founder and Chairman, Board of Trustees, Partners For Patients NGO

Who should attend?
The conference is addressed to those with a strong interest in integrating patient expertise into their strategies and operations in healthcare development.
Attendees from Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies, Clinical Research Organizations, Academic Centres, Hospital Centres, Patient Associations and Clinical Technology companies involved in clinical development from early phase up to late-stage development and market authorization will have the opportunity to discuss with experts and patients.