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29-Jun-2021 - 01-Jul-2021

PM Society Training: Pharmaceutical Marketing for Non-Marketers

Who will benefit?

Recommended for anyone working in a role that requires collaboration and alignment with marketing colleagues, including sales, medical, regulatory, finance, market access and health economics.

Core competencies

  • Appreciation of the role of marketing within the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries and its specialities
  • Understanding what a good marketing strategy looks like and how to develop one
  • Insight into how to better understand your customers
  • Understanding how marketers develop a powerful implementation plan using the marketing mix and its link to strategy

Learning outcomes

Completion of this module will provide you with a thorough understanding of the key principles, processes and terminology relating to marketing, enabling you to work effectively with other members of your team, or business unit, and deliver successful marketing activities for your company, customers and patients.

What does the training include?

PRE-PROGRAMME EXERCISE: Review dedicated Case Study ready for the first session
A short questionnaire on involvement with marketing

29th June @ 10:30am (2.5 hours): What is Marketing? Working with Stakeholders, Strategy Development
Learning outcome: Understand the role, scope and context of marketing
Exercise: Case Study: What is Marketing? Working with Stakeholders

30th June @ 10:30am (2.5 hours): Strategy Alignment, Perceptions, Positioning & Segmentation, Branding
Learning outcome: Understand how to apply the key tools in building a Marketing Plan
Exercise: Case Study: Positioning & Segmentation

1st July @ 10:30am (2.5 hours) Promotional Mix, Execution, Decision Support
Learning outcome: Understand how to develop an appropriate Promotional Mix, how to build an execution framework and measure appropriately
Exercise: Promotional Mix, Metric Development, Market Research