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17-Aug-2021 - 19-Aug-2021

Prostate Cancer Drug Development Summit

The inaugural virtual Prostate Cancer Drug Development Summit lands at a crucial time as the first and only dedicated conference for large pharma, biotech and pioneering academics to unite under a common and ambitious goal of accelerating the practical discovery, translation, and clinical development of safe and effective treatments for prostate cancer.

Devised with three crucial and bold intentions, this meeting will enable you too:
1. Overcome the key biological obstacles constraining truly successful prostate cancer therapies
2. Discuss novel, cutting edge targeted therapies for prostate cancer
3. Bring together key stockholders within the prostate cancer drug development field with the common aim of bringing-to-market safe, efficient treatments to patients-in-need
Here's a sneak peek of crucial topics to be addressed:
* Role of immunotherapy for treatment of prostate cancer
* Bringing theranostics to prostate cancer
* Optimizing strategies for overcoming the immunosuppressive prostate tumor microenvironment
* Assessing opportunities and challenges for T-cell directed therapies in prostate cancer
* Examining next-generation small molecule inhibitors, degraders of androgen receptor (AR) and AR-splice variants

Join 60+ thought-leaders converging at the first industry-led Prostate Cancer Drug Development Summit to gain the latest scientific insights with renowned Urologists/Oncologists and those striving to advance safe and effective therapeutic breakthroughs to patients in need.