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20-Sep-2022 - 21-Sep-2022

Reuters Events: Cell and Gene Therapy USA 2022 - Virtual Conference

Pioneer a gold standard for CGT commercialization. Co-create a commercial toolkit that enables suitable, scalable and sustainable growth.

With over 20 CGTs projected to be approved by 2025, it's clear that the sky is the limit for precision medicine. But despite this unprecedented growth, unstable infrastructure, lack of standardization and novel scientific nuance means there is still no industry blueprint for successful commercialization. 

To realize this potential, precision medicine trailblazers must share lessons of launch success and overcome pain points to allow pharma to reinforce frameworks across manufacturing, market access and reimbursement and build infallible launch strategies across the board. Commercialization networks must go even further, transforming our healthcare system to guarantee scalable and sustainable growth.   

Don't get left behind. Join us at Reuters Events: Cell and Gene Therapy USA Virtual, September 20-21, where 1500+ CGT leaders will pioneer a new gold standard for commercialization, readying the world for CGT as a frontline treatment.


Venue details: Virtual Event, United States