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23-Aug-2023 - 24-Aug-2023

RNA Assay Development And Screening Summit

  • Location:
    • The Bostonian Boston
    • North Street
    • Boston
    • Massachusetts
    • 02109
    • United States
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The inaugural RNA Assay Development and Screening Summit is the only industry-focused RNA assay discovery networking and discussion forum, dedicated to addressing and overcoming challenges drug developers face when developing RNA assays and screening tools, for efficient drug discovery.

Developed in collaboration with experts in the field, this industry-focused forum will bring together key opinion leaders to share technical expertise and discuss data-driven case studies with actionable insights. This event has been curated to support in-house assay development and screening strategies to find new RNA targets, and ultimately determine biological effect in a manner that supports progression from early discovery to drug candidate.

Join 60+ experts from assay development, screening, pharmacology, lead discovery and more for exciting data, interactive learning sessions and networking opportunities to expand and validate your assay and screening strategies to accelerate the path to the clinic.


Conference Only - Drug Developers: USD 2999.00,
Conference Only - Academic and Research Institute: USD 2599.00,
Conference Only - Solution and Service Provider: USD 3799.00

Speakers: Matthew Disney, Professor and Chair of Chemistry, Scripps Research, Nick Marsh, Head of Molecular Pharmacology, Arrakis Therapeutics, Wencheng Li, Director of Bioinformatics, PTC Therapeutics, Ella Morishita, Senior Investigator, Veritas In Silico, May Khanna, Associate Professor, New York University, Matthew Jones, Head of Platform Technology, NextRNA, Sam Hasson, Senior Director, Rgenta Therapeutics, Peter Connolly, Senior Director of Structural Biology, Expansion Therapeutics, Praveen Kumar, Director of Biochemistry, Revir Therapeutics, Nathan Baird, Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Saint Joseph’s University, Sarah Woodson, T.C. Jenkins Professor of Biophysics, Johns Hopkins University, Matt Smola, Associate Director of RNA Biology, Ribometrix, Deepali Gotur, Senior Scientist, Lead Discovery, Accent Therapeutics, Tim Allen, Head of ChemAI and Vancouver Site Lead, Serna Bio, Eric English, Associate Scientist, Luye Pharma, Tatsuo Ito, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, CLOVERNA

Time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm