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28-Oct-2021 - 28-Oct-2021

Second Rejuveron Age Better, Live Longer Symposium

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Second Rejuveron Age Better, Live Longer Symposium

Live event delivered digitally

28 October 2021 16.00-20.00 CET/07.00-11.00 PST

Schlieren, Zürich, Switzerland 14 October 2021

Rejuveron Life Sciences AG, a Zürich-based biotechnology company developing technologies for healthy aging, has opened registration for its second “Age Better, Live Longer” Symposium.

The event will be live and delivered digitally. Registration is free. It will be open to questions from attendees drawn from investors, media, economists, scientists, and executives from the pharma/biotech sector.

Divided into four one-hour themes, the event will be expertly chaired by science journalist and broadcaster Vivienne Parry, OBE. Each interactive topic includes a panel of experts who will uncover the drivers of innovation in the growing field of longevity research.

Session one – Aging: society’s biggest challenge and sciences golden opportunity

  • Bjorn Schumacher, PhD, Professor and Director of Institute for Genome Stability in Aging and Disease, University of Cologne
  • Suresh Rattan PhD Professor Emeritus, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Cellular Health, Intervention and Nutrition, Aarhus University
  • Brian Kennedy, PhD, Distinguished Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Physiology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS, Singapore

Session two – Translational medicine: navigating the path from bench to bedside

  • Nir Barzilal PhD, Harvard Professor of Sten Cell and Regenerative Biology and executive committee member at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute
  • Andrea Maier MD PhD, Oon Chiew Sing Professor in Medicine and Healthy Aging, Director Center for Healthy Longevity, National Institute of Singapore
  • Stephen Helliwell PhD, Vice-President Discovery Biology at Rejuveron Life Sciences AG

Session three – Cutting-edge science to control aging

  • Thomas von Zglinicki PhD, Professor of Cellular Gerontology, University of Newcastle
  • Alexandra Stolzing PhD, Professor of Biogerontological engineering, Loughborough University, VP of research at SENS Foundation
  • Tristan Heintz PhD, Head of Research at Rejuveron Vascular Therapeutics

Session four – The bold vision for humanity, the generation of health

  • Allison Duettman, President and Executive Director, Foresight Institute
  • Guido Kroemer MD PhD, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of University of Paris Descartes
  • Christian Angermayer, Serial entrepreneur, Co-founder and Chairman of Rejuveron

Matthias Steger, CEO of Rejuveron said “As we aspire to live longer and becoming ‘elderly’ means being over 80 not over 60, how can we turn today’s generation into ‘Generation Health’?  We invite you to take a glimpse into this brave new world at the second Rejuveron “Age Better, Live Longer Symposium: accelerating innovation in longevity research.”

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Register for free HERE.