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15-Feb-2023 - 17-Feb-2023

Signal Management In Pharmacovigilance

This practical course provides an in-depth understanding of signal detection, signal validation & assessment as well as signal communication. The series of talks, discussions & exercises will bring clarifications about the regulation & methodologies for signal detection, what to consider in signal validation and prioritisation, how to notify regulatory agencies and avoid inspection findings related to signal management.


  • Signal detection
  • Signal validation & assessment
  • Signal communication

Benefits of attending

  • Understand the regulations & guidance on signal management.
  • Get an overview of qualitative and quantitative methodologies for signal detection.
  • Explore the role of social media in signal detection.
  • Learn about signals of disproportionate reporting.
  • Reveal what to consider in signal validation and prioritization.
  • Be introduced to EVDAS and expectations on its use
  • Consolidate your learnings with interactive scenario-based discussions
  • Learn how signal management links with PSUR & Risk Management Plans
  • Get expert insights on signal communication.
  • Understand implementation, oversight and governance of the signal management process in the company.
  • Reveal potential inspection findings related to signal management and learn how to avoid them.