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10-May-2021 - 11-May-2021

SMi's 21st Annual Pain Therapeutics Conference

SMi's 21st Pain Therapeutics Conference will focus on looking into research within pain therapeutics. In particular, the long-term (HEAL) initiative will be discussed and its role in advancing research to reduce the risks of opioid use and misuse and improve pain management, thereby reducing reliance on opioids and the national opioid public health crisis. Talks will also address the importance of sex, gender and race in pain research, including biomarkers, molecular targets, clinical and experimental models of pain.

The conference also address cutting edge drug discovery science, preclinical development trends, analysis of key clinical-stage pain therapies, with a focus on highlighting the importance of biomarker discovery and its contribution to early stage studies on pain. This will be topped off with a panel debate on rethinking pain clinical trials during the COVID-19 pandemic. And further look into treating painful osteoarthritis of the knee with a novel anti NGF, anti-TNF╬▒ bispecific fusion protein as well as therapeutic novelties signifying a paradigm shift in migraine prevention. Additionally, the conference will explore Botulinum neurotoxin, Sigma 1 proteins and AP-325 as novel treatment for neuropathic pain as well as the high unmet medical need to develop a novel non-drowsy skeletal muscle relaxant and explore pain genetics in rare diseases as well as the Opioid Crisis and the future of addiction and Pain Therapeutics.

Join Europe's leading Pain Therapeutics Virtual Conference in May 2021 to explore cutting edge drug discovery science and key clinical-stage pain therapies in the pipeline, bringing together leading pharmaceutical companies and to discuss solutions for the challenges of clinical trial design and conduct.

Key Reasons to Attend the Conference:
- Discover which innovative new therapies are driving clinical development including case studies from Novaramed and Vapogenix
- Examine the best strategies to generate more funding in pain research clinical trials to eliminate the issue of underfunding
- Explore how COVID-19 has changed the experience of clinical trials and presented an opportunity to reform the way we approach data verification, data analysis and data collection
- Understand the role of biomarkers in evaluating target engagement of new drugs and predicting analgesic efficacy
- Virtual Conference Benefits include virtual exhibition booths packed with information, networking features to chat and share contact details with other attendees, and virtual meetings and networking socials.