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25-May-2021 - 27-May-2021

STING & TLR-Targeting Therapies Summit

This is the definitive drug development forum for research teams to investigate how to modulate the cGAS-STING and Toll-like receptor (7/8/9) pathways both as monotherapies and as adjuvants in combinatorial approaches.

This meeting comes at a critical point for the cancer immunotherapy field, as researchers look to increase patient response rates and the efficacy on checkpoint inhibitors in several solid tumor indications. Preclinical and early clinical data for modulators of the STING & TLR plus other innate immune checkpoint inhibitors has been hugely promising.

Use this key forum to hone your innate immune activation strategies and deliver safe and effective treatments through systematic and intra-tumoral administration which can stimulate the adaptive immune arm, counteract solid tumor-induced immunosuppression and increase response to checkpoint inhibitors.

Innate Immune Checkpoints & Activation Pre-Focus Day

In addition to two full conference days to STING/TLR-targeting, there will be a pre-focus day specifically on innate immune checkpoints and the activation of specific cell types including natural killer cells, macrophages and myeloid-derived suppressor cells.

An executive speaker faculty will take you through the leading drug candidates aimed at inhibitory and activation receptors on key cellular component of the innate immune system.

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