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15-Mar-2021 - 17-Mar-2021

Targeting Protein Misfolding Congress

With the neurological drug market now worth $86 billion, and the FDA set to reach a decision on Biogen’s Acudanimib in Spring, whether you’re focused on oncology, Alzheimer’s or ALS, it’s an exciting time to be targeting misfolding diseases. We’ll be bringing together expert researchers and industry leaders to answer your burning questions; taking a look at the delivery of biologics across the blood brain barrier, exploring the underlying chemical biology of protein conformation diseases and hearing what new approaches are emerging to combat misfolding disorders in a variety of therapeutics areas.

  1. Improve pre-clinical predictability by hearing what disease models are now considered best practice with Beth Hoffman, Founder and CEO, Origami Therapeutics and understand how Pfizer develops physiologically relevant assays for phenotypic screening
  2. Understand the underlying chemical biology of protein aggregation and the drivers behind misfolding diseases to help inform your target validation with Peter Lansbury, CSO, Lysosomal Therapeutics
  3. Learn about the latest developments in delivery of biologics across the blood brain barrier as well as viral delivery advancements with Laura Ranum, Professor, University of Florida
  4. Target your aggregate of choice after hearing Behnam Nabet, Research Fellow, Dana Farber Cancer Institute discuss novel approaches involving degradation