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15-Mar-2021 - 17-Mar-2021

Targeting RNA Congress 2021

Targeting RNA is set to be the next big thing; 85% of human genome transcribed to RNA but only 3% translated into proteins, therefore making it an obvious target. With Risdiplam being approved by the FDA in August, and several major collaborations also being penned throughout 2020, including a $190 million deal between Arrakis and Roche, it seems like a good time to target these protein precursors.

 Targeting RNA 2021 will take a look at the latest techniques to analyse and predict protein structure, as well as hearing from leading researchers and industry on how to incorporate learnings from RNA biology into potent and selective ligands to help prevent, rather than treat, disease.

Key outcomes include: 

  • Hear how Cryo EM, 3D visualisation and novel structural techniques can be used to analyse RNA structure and validate druggable RNA hotspots in subcellular and high throughput scenarios with sessions from Silvi Rouskin (MIT) and Wah Chiu (Stanford)
  • Learn how Pearl Seq and chemical probes can be used to explore the RNA interactome with case studies from Jay Schneekloth (NIH) and Craig Blain (Arrakis)
  • Validate disease relevance and understand what RNA targets are druggable using computational strategies with talks from Marcel Blommers (Saverna Therapeutics) and Anima Biotech