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Iceni Diagnostics appoints Chris Liggett to accelerate route-to-market strategy

As Iceni Diagnostics, developer of glycoscience-based diagnostics, therapies and vaccines, moves closer to market it has appointed Chris Liggett, business strategist and new product development specialist, to support its commercial operations. Chris has been appointed to the new role of Product Development Manager.

Iceni Diagnostics CEO Rob Field says: “We are delighted to welcome Chris to the team. She is experienced at bringing discovery science to the market. This has included many launches of industry significant new molecules and health management applications and she brings a wealth of knowledge to the company.” Chris’s previous roles have been in corporate marketing and communications, and as a consultant supporting organisations to develop commercial strategies and manage new opportunities.

Chris is excited by the potential of Iceni Diagnostics, which is based on the Norwich Research Park. She has worked extensively in pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicine and sees glycoscience as an untapped new discipline. She says: “Carbohydrates are key, both to the functioning of the immune system and the development of infection. This new science can offer novel ways to combat global issues in the accurate and rapid diagnosis of disease and the creation of effective vaccines.

“For example, the difference in blood group is determined by the carbohydrate coating on blood cells. As bacteria and viruses use carbohydrate recognition to identify their hosts, this ’sugar code’ is the reason why people with some blood groups are more susceptible than others to particular diseases.

“The company’s initial focus is on opportunities in the infectious diseases area with a first influenza test being prepared for market. As we go forward, we will demonstrate the full scope for glycoscience in medical and veterinary global markets.”

Chris is joining a seasoned and internationally recognised management team at Iceni Diagnostics. Collectively the team has published more than 400 research papers, secured 15 patent families and established or developed 9 spinout companies; three of which have now reached international sales. Chris joins the company at an exciting stage of its journey.

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Last Updated: 30-Oct-2019