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emotive adds new company value to embrace the varied working landscape of med comms

Having a great workplace culture is really important to us at emotive. A positive culture drives engagement, impacts job satisfaction and builds a strong and talented team. This positive culture also drives our colloaboration which is essential to doing a great job. As a leadership team, we talk about culture and values on a regular basis and with the help of our in-house Talent Manager, Gemma, we make sure this is something we are always focusing on.  

With emotive’s rapid growth over the last 12 months across both the Advanced Therapy and Rare Disorder spaces we’ve recognised the need to embrace many more varied and evolving situations. We’ve learnt the importance of being able to adapt and work effectively with new teams and of allowing ourselves to accept changing priorities and plans as these new and exciting therapies hit the medical landscape for the first time.   

With flexible working now becoming a key part of our working practice at emotive and increasingly the way in which our clients work, it’s shown us how important it is to support our team to take a positive approach to the changing dynamic of the working environment.  

The more we looked at the way we work, and how it all comes together, we realised it was time to add Agility to the mix. 

This means our five emotive values now consist of ImaginationCollaborationIntegrityEmpowerment and Agility, all of which play a huge part in the work we do for our clients and how we work together as a team.  

Twice a year we run the emotive Value Awards where we recognise five team members for their commitment to each of our values. The awards are voted for solely by the team, where we ask colleagues to nominate each other with examples of why they should receive the award. This summer at our 4819 offsite conference we presented five trophies to team members who really stood out for their embodiment of our values. Here are just a few reasons their colleagues gave for nominating them;  

Silvana, Integrity award winner; ‘Her honesty and transparency are second to none’; ‘Silvana always makes sure things are accurate’

Holly, Empowerment award winner;  ‘Holly has done a great job empowering junior members, giving them confidence’;‘She instils in others the mantra that no job is too big or too small to make amazing’

 Immy, Collaboration award winner; ‘Immy is so respectful of colleagues’ views, she always works as a team and is very positive’; ‘Always available to help’ 

Aaron, Imagination award winner;  ‘Always comes up with fresh ideas’; ‘Helps bring projects to life with his ideas’

Ann, Agility award winner; ‘Things change quickly and require flexibility but whatever the situation, Ann always has a great mindset to make a success of the project’; ‘Ann is always a pleasure to work with, whatever the project and how challenging’ 

These five team members will be passing on their trophies (currently sitting proudly on their desks) to a new set of award winners in January. 

If you know someone that embodies these same five values why not suggest they consider emotive for their next career move.

emotive  is an independent, London-based, award-winning healthcare communications agency committed to changing lives by helping global life science companies bring novel and innovative products to patients.  We recognise that only true engagement can facilitate change and we use our combination of scientific, creative and technical expertise to stimulate optimal participation of all those in the care pathway.   We are proud to work with amazing clients on some of the most exciting and meaningful products that will transform healthcare.   

If you would like to find out more about  joining  emotive , please contact Gemma  on For more information about  our services  email  

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Last Updated: 08-Nov-2019