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emotive develops new branding for Medics4RareDiseases

In September 2019 Medics4RareDiseases (M4RD) launched new branding developed by the emotive creative team. M4RD wanted to keep their brand fun and approachable, with the recognisable zebra, while at the same time honouring the seriousness and importance of their mission. They came to emotive to help them do just that.  

The new M4RD logo is a simplification of the old logo, featuring the zebra pattern, but used in a new way. Its simplicity allows for easy recognition, as well as making it far easier to implement across a broad range of communication channels. emotive also developed fantastic new social media icons and a new colour palette. To find out more, visit M4RD here.

emotive has been working with M4RD for the past 12 months, providing support on several projects in this time. The first was the development of an animation explaining who M4RD are, with calls to action to outline how people can get involved. This was debuted at M4RD’s annual symposium at the Royal Society of Medicine in February 2019 and is now hosted on their website. emotive has also supported M4RD in developing a key sponsorship document as the charity plans for 2020 and beyond. This has included providing guidance on content and creating supporting visuals. More recently, emotive has created infographics for Rare Revolution Magazine, summarising the messages of the charity and feedback from previous events.  

emotive’s Managing Director Lizzie Nayman said; “We are really excited to have been able to help M4RD with their rebranding. It has been part of our pro bono work to help promote awareness of rare diseases, leading to earlier diagnosis and improved outcomes for patients. We are committed as a company to helping people who are unwell get better and are proud to be supporting M4RD to help make a difference for those affected by rare disorders.” 

Medics4RareDiseases is a registered charity driving an attitude change towards rare diseases amongst medical students and doctors in training. The organisation began as Barts and The London Society for Rare Diseases in 2011 and became a national project in 2013 as Students4RareDiseases with the help of The LSD Collaborative who were awarded the Sanofi Genzyme PAL Award.  In 2018 the organisation rebranded as Medics4RareDiseases  and are planning exciting new projects thanks to sponsorship from industry. The M4RD board includes three doctors and original founders of the Barts Society as well as a CEO of a patient group and a rare disease patient.  

emotive  is an independent, award-winning global healthcare communications agency, founded over 15 years ago, with the simple vision of changing lives by helping those who are unwell,  get  new and amazing treatments that can make them better.  emotive has  particular  experience  in rare disorders and supports clients at various stages of the product lifecycle including those with  ATMP  such as gene therapies, gene silencing and cell therapies.  

At a community level, emotive promotes engagement in science through sponsorship of the emotive science lab and annual science prize at a UK secondary school. The team  also works  pro-bono on strategy and awareness raising activities for M4RD.  

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Last Updated: 08-Nov-2019