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Flourish, an innovative new range of menopause products, will be available in Superdrug and Tesco stores this month. Comprising of five medically led products, the Flourish range is designed to liberate women from the challenges posed by the menopause, empowering them to enjoy a better quality of life, through education, support and efficacious products.

Available first in the UK, this next generation of gynecologically and dermatologically tested menopause products has been brought to market by Dendron, part of DDD Limited.

The innovation behind Flourish is born out of three years of research to understand women’s experience leading up to and during the menopause. The range, which has extensive user trials behind it consists of Flourish Menopause Test Kit (UK first to market), Flourish All-In-One Supplement, Flourish Intimate Moisturiser, Flourish Cooling Mist and Flourish Intimate Wash.

Katy Holder, Brand Innovation Controller, DDD Limited says; “Sadly, somewhat of a taboo subject, the menopause isn’t something that has been easy to talk openly about and this is something we wholeheartedly want to change.

“Our research shows that women usually have to scramble around different shelves and shops to find suitable products to help them manage the physical and emotional symptoms they experience as a result of the menopause.

“With Flourish we want to make it easy and stress-free for women to know there is one brand with a suite of innovative easy to use products that they can rely on as they navigate their way through the menopause, and the different physical and emotional symptoms it brings with it.

“Every woman will experience and go through the menopause and rather than hide from it or struggle by themselves, we want women to feel confident and supported going through this stage of their life.

“There are nine million women of menopausal age in the UK who will be experience a range of symptoms and we want Flourish to provide them with the support they are seeking, both emotionally and physically.”

The launch of Flourish will be supported by a range of marketing activities including print & digital product advertising, and an event roadshow. There will be a dedicated consumer website which will host blogs and expert advice about the menopause, with an awareness campaign running  on social media platforms Instagram and Facebook.

Flourish Product Range 

  • Flourish Menopause Test Kit – this UK first to market, quick one-step test kit detects the presence of the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) which can be used to confirm if the user has entered the menopause
  • Flourish All-In-One Supplement - a daily supplement containing 25 nutrients, formulated for use during and after the menopause. The one-a-day supplement supports the management of a range of menopause symptoms such as night sweats, anxiety and fatigue and supports maintenance of normal bone and regulation of hormonal activity
  • Flourish Intimate Moisturiser - gynecologically tested, this moisturiser is a fragrance-free, fast absorbing formula which relieves vaginal dryness and  irritation. It moisturises & lubricates the surrounding vaginal area, formulated with Chamomile and Glycerin extract
  • Flourish Cooling Mist - provides instant relief and a long-lasting cooling effect from hot flushes and redness. Formulated with chamomile extract and Frescolate X-Cool technology to instantly cool, calm and soothe the skin
  • Intimate Wash – gynecologically, dermatologically tested and Ph balanced, this is a gentle every-day cleanser for the intimate area. Specially formulated with chamomile extract and prebiotics to gently cleanse the external vaginal area and provide all day comfort, whilst maintaining your skin’s natural balance.

There are nine million women of menopausal age in the UK, with 400,000 women entering the menopause every year. The average time women experience symptoms during menopause is four years, although one in ten experience symptoms for much longer.   

 Flourish will be available in Superdrug and Tesco stores from 25th September

DDD Limited is committed to sustainability and all carboard used is FSC certified, all packs. Flourish All-In-One supplements are vegetarian, and all toiletries are vegan. 


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