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TrialScope Announces Winners of 2nd Annual Clārus Awards at Clinical Trial Transparency Conference

At the recent EXTRA: TrialScope Transparency Experience in New York City, TrialScope brought together pharmaceutical sponsors, patient advocacy organizations and other industry leaders for two days of presentations, workshops and networking. The annual summit focuses on clinical trial disclosure, transparency and patient engagement.

CEO Jeff Kozloff kicked off the annual event, emphasizing the importance of clinical trial disclosure and transparency. “At TrialScope, our goal is to change the collective mindset of the industry, shifting the perception of transparency from a regulatory requirement to a strategic advantage.”

Keynote speaker was Dr. Deborah Zarin, MRCT Center program director and Harvard Medical School faculty member. Dr. Zarin, past director of, gave an overview of clinical trial reporting past, present and future – and how to improve the quality of submissions to clinical trial registries.

Two panel discussions looked at patient engagement from different perspectives: sponsors providing study information via clinical trial websites, and patient advocacy organizations seeking to partner with study sponsors. Two Top 15 sponsors shared behind-the-scenes insights on launching and maintaining a dedicated clinical trial website. Patient advocacy panelists included Susan Thornton, CEO of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation; Stephanie Cogan, Vice President of Corporate Relations, National Kidney Foundation; and Ali Sue Patterson, Senior Specialist, Clinical Research Community Engagement, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Workshops focused on a core disclosure form and on disclosure and transparency best practices. Francine Lane, TrialScope Vice President of Global Transparency and Senior Director of Product Management, held an interactive design sprint to guide development of a core disclosure form. The form, a top customer request, uses a single, standardized format that represents the next generation of clinical trial submissions. Chief Strategy Office Thomas Wicks also shared initial findings from TrialScope’s 2019 Transparency Benchmark and Plain Language Summaries surveys.

Clārus Awards

A highlight of the event was the second annual Clārus Awards, designed to recognize TrialScope partners for their commitment to clinical trial disclosure and transparency. “Clārus” is a Latin word meaning “clear,” and these awards reflect clarity in clinical trial reporting. This year’s winners include:

  • 2019 Transparency & Disclosure Company of the Year: Novo Nordisk
  • 2019 Transparency & Disclosure Team of the Year: Pfizer
  • 2019 Disclosure & Transparency Trailblazers: Sandi Marchese, Novartis; Binbin Wan, Bayer; and Julie Holtzople, AstraZeneca

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About TrialScope 

TrialScope is the global leader in clinical trial disclosure and transparency management technology, supporting 13 of the top 15 industry clinical trial sponsors worldwide. TrialScope provides proven solutions designed to optimize the efficiency of disclosure activities, maximize trial data transparency, and foster more informed, engaged patients through open research sharing. To learn more about TrialScope, visit


TrialScope Announces Winners of 2nd Annual Clārus Awards at Clinical Trial Transparency Conference

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Last Updated: 08-Nov-2019