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Upperton is Launching an Enabling Technology Screening Protocol

Upperton Pharma Solutions, a UK-based contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) are launching a platform which aims to support companies with the rapid development of both standard and complex drug products.  

The new enabling technology screening platform, integrates the company’s existing formulation capabilities with a biopharmaceutical assessment and streamlines the early development processes by clearly identifying the most appropriate formulation strategy for clinical success.  

Supported by a dedicated in-house technical team that specialises in complex research and development, UpperSolv™ outlines the process for rapid parallel screening of several processing capabilities including amorphous solid dispersion by spray drying, micronisation, lipid-based formulations and amorphous form formation by milling, and provides materials for a comparative pharmacokinetic assessment. This allows Upperton Pharma Solutions to investigate, evaluate and recommend the most likely to succeed development pathway to our clients. 

Dr Andrew Naylor, Director of R&D at Upperton Pharma Solutions, explains: ‘There are many excellent APIs with clinical potential out there, but lots of these have challenges around solubility or dissolution.  Having the ability to rapidly identify a route to overcoming any solubility or dissolution limitation formulation allows our clients to successfully progress their product development in a timely and efficient way’. 

The idea behind our UpperSolv™ platform is to provide a robust streamlined pathway to clinic. Even for challenging product development we have introduced a screening process, which can provide strong scientific evidence based on in vitro and in vivo data to help progress to formulation optimisation in less than eight weeks. 

Dr Richard Johnson, Founder and CEO at Upperton Pharma Solutions, added: ‘The integration of formulation screening and pharmacokinetic assessment in this cost, material and time efficient protocol presents Upperton’s clients with solid scientific data which will direct them to choosing the formulation development strategy most likely to succeed in the clinic first time.’ 

Over the last two decades, Upperton Pharma Solutions have built a strong reputation in pharmaceutical spray drying, analytical testing, and formulation development consultancy. Differing from many larger CDMOs, the company provides firms with outsourced research and development activities that enable pharmaceutical and biotech companies to accelerate formulation development and clinical trial timelines.  

The announcement comes after the UK-based pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services provider made a major investment into additional equipment, as part of a wider project focusing on tabletting capabilities.  

Upperton Pharma Solutions develops and produces oral and inhalation drug products for clinical trials and is able to optimise formulation performance through a science-led approach to projects. 

To read more about Upperton Pharma Solutions’ UpperSolv™ platform click here

About Upperton Pharma Solutions: At a time when the global CDMO market place is consolidating, Upperton Pharma Solutions remains as one of the few independent CDMO service providers with a specific focus on developing pharmaceutical dosage forms using its specialised spray drying capabilities. Upperton provides a range of integrated services to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors around the world. The services include: early feasibility studies, formulation development for both small molecule APIs and Biotherapeutics for a range of final dosage forms and GMP manufacture of materials for Phase I & II clinical trials. Full analytical support, including ICH stability studies, is offered. 

The company is a privately-owned organisation that has grown organically over 20 years and now employs 24 highly skilled personnel. Upperton Pharma Solutions has its headquarters in Nottingham, UK. 

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