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Yourway - The Biopharma Services Company - Expands Ancillary Sourcing Services For Clinical Trials

ALLENTOWN, Pa., Dec. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Yourway, the only truly integrated premium courier and clinical packager in the clinical trials supply chain market, announced an expansion of its clinical trial ancillary supply offering.  Ancillary supplies for clinical trials include syringes, swabs, surgical knives, gloves, diluents, and any other materials required to conduct the trial, as well as a wide range of equipment and devices that must be delivered to a clinical trial site and reclaimed after completion of the trial, including laboratory equipment, medical devices, diagnostic and testing equipment, and temperature-control equipment.

While Yourway has always provided ancillary sourcing for clinical trials, the company now has a dedicated team to leverage its global footprint of depots to offer expanded services for the purchasing, procurement, management, delivery, reclamation, and recalibration of ancillary supplies worldwide. It is available as a bespoke service and is also part of Yourway's integrated clinical packaging and premium courier services, which deliver a streamlined supply chain for all necessary clinical trials supplies, ensuring proper coordination and delivery of all materials on time and in the appropriate sequence.

Yourway's integrated clinical supplies offering can provide full kitting services, providing both drug product and all necessary ancillary supplies within a single shipment, providing better control and accountability for all trials materials.

"We've come a long way from the old clinical trials supply model of just a pill in a bottle," said Frank DiStefano, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Yourway. "Clinical trials are constantly evolving, and the newer therapies and procedures are transforming the needs for ancillary supplies, and the ability to source all necessary supplies from a single, reliable provider is more important than ever."

Yourway's expanded ancillary supply service is also looking to support clinical trials needs not only for basic supplies, but for larger clinical and laboratory equipment and devices, a service in high demand.

"Yourway is well positioned to provide ancillary supply services," said Fiona Geiger, Vice President of Client Services at Yourway.  "We have a global network of depots that can store equipment that's ready for deployment or equipment that is being calibrated or sanitized for reclamation and repurposing, and we can leverage our wealth of experience in clinical trials and our relationships with stakeholders. Pharma companies are looking for a white glove service where sensitive equipment isn't just dropped at the front door, but where a trusted provider delivers all materials and equipment and places everything in the right location at the site."

Yourway leverages long-established domestic and global vendor relationships to source the major brands of ancillary supplies for clinical trials in the most cost-effective way. As the only truly integrated clinical packager and premium courier in the industry, Yourway has a unique service model that enables trials to begin faster than any other traditional model. A great depth of experience within its project management and quality teams, combined with a fully managed global network of GMP depots, mean that study protocols are met with the highest quality but a greater level of speed and efficiency.

About Yourway
Yourway is the only truly integrated premium courier and clinical packager, providing full range of primary and secondary clinical packaging, ancillary materials sourcing, logistics, storage and distribution, and premium courier services serving the global biopharmaceutical industry. Headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with a global network of fully managed GMP depots worldwide, Yourway is an agile and reliable partner with over 20 years of experience. Visit

Fiona Geiger
Vice President of Client Services
+1 610 395 9198

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Yourway - The Biopharma Services Company - Expands Ancillary Sourcing Services For Clinical Trials

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