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PrimeRx(TM) announces Immunization Registry Reporting via Direct SMP Integration

SYOSSET, N.Y., Dec. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Micro Merchant Systems has announced its industry leading PrimeRx™ pharmacy management operating system now offers direct integration with Script Management Partners (SMP) for automated immunization registry reporting.  This critical function is available on a subscription basis and allows pharmacies to seamlessly manage patient immunization records via a highly efficient, user-friendly process.

Through this new functionality, pharmacies that enroll with SMP can use the new PrimeRx™ interface to facilitate automatic reporting of immunization data to state and local immunization registries.  Pharmacies will also benefit from SMP's immunization management services, including automatic reminders when a patient is due for an immunization.

"As patients continue to turn to their pharmacies for a broad scope of health-services including immunizations, management of those patient services and records becomes increasingly vital," said Akbar Merchant, Micro Merchant Systems president and owner.  "Through the SMP interface, PrimeRx™ provides a highly efficient way to manage immunization records, which offers two key benefits:  Improved patient care, and seamless reporting of these important public health records."

Key benefits of the new SMP integration include:

  • Automatic Immunization Registry Reporting. SMP seamlessly collects patient immunization records from a pharmacy's PrimeRx™ operating system. Those records are sorted and automatically transmitted – on behalf of the pharmacy -- to the appropriate state/local immunization registries. With this transmission capability, pharmacies can now accomplish electronically an important compliance requirement that previously required hours of manual staff time.
  • Records arrive on-time, hassle-free. Immunization records arrive at the appropriate immunization registries on-time, with high degrees of accuracy and thoroughness, and in full compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  • Patient immunization reminders. SMP will transmit a notification via PrimeRx™ when a patient is due for a vaccination. That notice will appear when a patient's record is activated, and staff can communicate that information to the patient.
  • Automatic record updates. PrimeRx™ will record any updates to a patient's immunization record, with those changes seamlessly transmitted to SMP.
  • Comprehensive reporting capability. Pharmacy managers benefit from full visibility into all immunization records, and the ability to easily generate reports on a wide range of related activities.

"SMP integration through PrimeRx™ is truly a win-win for patients and pharmacies," said Micro Merchant Systems Chief Executive Officer Ketan Mehta.  "Patients benefit when their trusted pharmacist can track and monitor their immunization histories, while pharmacists gain an invaluable reporting tool, and a seamless way to provide critical information to public health officials.  Micro Merchant Systems is pleased to offer this new capability and will continue to advance opportunities to facilitate pharmacy operations and patient care."

About Micro Merchant Systems
Micro Merchant Systems is a market leader in developing pharmacy management solutions to help fill prescriptions quickly and securely, while seamlessly addressing unique customer and workflow needs.

The premier PrimeRx™ software solution serves as the backbone of today's busy pharmacy and includes an innovative suite of tools that can be adapted for each pharmacy's specific needs.  PrimeRx™ interfaces with additional MMS software applications for comprehensive management of pharmacy needs.  MMS technology solutions allow pharmacy staff more time for patient consultation and care.

About Script Management Partners
Script Management Partners, SMP, provides pharmacies an affordable, technology service solution that is designed to connect, automate and report accurate immunization records to state/local immunization registries.

SMP's management team has over 50 years of successful, collective experience in providing pharmacy technology, data services and operational solutions in the pharmacy industry.  A professional, elite team specializing in providing solutions for pharmacy operational challenges, SMP offers an affordable, effective technology-based solution for pharmacies to electronically report immunizations administered within the pharmacy to state/local immunization information system (IIS) registries.

Michele Daniels
Micro Merchant Systems, Inc.
(516) 408-3999

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PrimeRx(TM) announces Immunization Registry Reporting via Direct SMP Integration

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