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Creative Diagnostics Launches Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen Mutants for Bio-research

As a global leading supplier of of raw materials, antibodies, and reagents for bio-technology industry, Creative Diagnostics recently announced the launch of Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen Mutants manufacture platform using Yeast expression system. With years of exploration, Creative Diagnostics have obtained  different highly purified HBsAg and their mutants. 

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a partially double-stranded DNA virus and enveloped virus, which belongs to the Hepadnaviridae family. This virus will lead to hepatitis B. The HBsAg mutant with substitution of a single amino acid in the major hydrophilic region or antigenic region of HBsAg, known as "a" determinant, is related to immune evade, failure of HBV detection and HBsAg vaccination. HBsAg and its mutant is a biomarker of HBV infection, which has been qualitatively utilized in the diagnosis of HBV, and the quantitative analysis of HBsAg is helpful to figure out the phase of chronic Hepatitis B. Up to now, Creative Diagnostics has developed a large variety of subtypes of HBsAg mutants with certain point mutation, such as Mutant K-141-E. 

Some HBsAg mutants are related to immune escape, HBsAg detection failure, HCC development and other major biological or clinical events. Creative Diagnostics offers various detection methods for HBsAg and mutants, and a variety of relevant products, such as the Human anti-Hepatitis B Surface Antibody, anti-HBsAb ELISA Kit, which is an enzyme linked-immunosorbent assay for in vitro qualitative detection of antibodies to hepatitis B virus surface antigen (anti-HBs) in human serum or plasma. It is intended for use in medical laboratories for diagnosis and management of patients related to infection with hepatitis Bvirus.

"We're glad to introduce the use of new biological materials for global researchers, such as these hepatitis B virus surface antigen mutants, and we’ll make our expertise, services and products in this area more accessible to our clients to help them solve problems and gain more practical and reliable research results." says Dr. Jessica Waldorf, chief scientific officer of R&D department of Creative Diagnostics.      

"With the growing portfolio of new bio-research products and services that we can provide, we’ll ensure our customers get the best choice for multiple purposes at Creative Diagnostics. As a trusted partner to researchers around the world in life science field, we are excited to introduce our growing categories of products and services solutions to our buyers, enabling them the power to accomplish their project goals." stated Prof. Mike Knuth, M.D., the chief scientific officer of R&D department of Creative Diagnostics.

If you want to know more information about hepatitis B virus surface antigen mutants or other products, please contact Creative Diagnostics at 1-631-619-7922 or email to

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Creative Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, viral antigens, innovative diagnostic components and critical assay reagents. It also provides contract biologic R&D and manufacturing services to the diagnostic manufacturers along with GMP biologics manufacturing for the biopharmaceutical market. It aims to provide a trusted source for all researchers’ assay development and manufacturing needs.

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Last Updated: 08-Jan-2020