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Bamboo Straws Market Report Explored in Latest Research

VALLEY COTTAGE, N.Y. – Introduction:

Plastic products are supposed to degrade our environment at a rapid rate. Manufacturers are looking forward to sustainable alternatives to plastic. Straws are widely used among people for drinking beverage, juice or other drinks. Consumers all over the world use plastic straws. Nowadays, manufacturers are inclined towards the introduction of sustainable products which reduces the usage of plastic. One such product is bamboo straw, thus preventing plastics from entering and polluting the environment. These bamboo straws are anti-bacterial and reusable.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, which makes it a sustainable material. Bamboo contains a binding agent, named as ‘bamboo kun,’ it is found within its fibers. The purpose of bamboo kun is to fight against any parasite or fungus that tries to grow on it, certainly making bamboo a hygienic material to use. Bamboo straws are perfect to use as drinking straws for hot drinks and cold drinks, such as smoothies or hot coffees. Bamboo straws are an environmental-friendly alternative to plastic products. These are expected to fuels the growth of the global bamboo straws market during the forecast period.

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Demand for alternative solutions to Plastic:

It is found that about 1 billion plastic straws are used every day worldwide. The government in various nations impose restrictions on plastic straws. Bars and restaurants around the world are finding new ways to replace plastic straws that have become a necessary part of dining, whether a fast food outlet or a restaurant. Bamboo straws provide a sustainable alternative to the plastic straws. Recently, some regions in the United States such as Seattle and California have prohibited restaurants from handing out plastic straws unless requested by a customer. Countries such as Costa Rica, South Africa, and Thailand have also been shifting to straws made of sustainable products such as bamboo, paper or wood instead of plastic. These factors are expected to drive the growth of global bamboo straws market during the next decade. The growing inclination of people towards the use of environment-friendly products is expected to drive the growth of bamboo straws. Bamboo straws are washable and reusable, and these straws can last for years as bamboo straws come with a cleaning brush to wash to wash them out.

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Bamboo Straws: An alternative to Plastic Straws

Why use Bamboo? 

  • It is one of the world’s fastest growing plants that means it is a sustainable solution for straw manufacturing. Some species of bamboo grow as fast as one meter a day.
  • Also, bamboo has physical and mechanical properties which makes it a perfectly sustainable alternative to plastic.
  • Bamboo is durable and robust, also it has no sharp edges which makes bamboo straws a safe for children to use.
  • The best advantage to use bamboo straw is that it is eco-friendly, natural & organic and reusable.
  • It can be used as a drinking straw for both hot and cold drinks alike, whether it is chilled smoothies or hot coffee.

Facts: Need to ban plastic straws

  • The U.S. itself consume 500 million plastic straws per year. It is enough to wrap around Earth’s circumference 2.5x a day.
  • Seemingly small and harmless, are an example of massive waste generated for the most non-essential convenience as we come to expect plastic straws in almost all drinks.
  • These straws clog landfills and harm marine life.
  • It can take about 100 years for one straw to decompose, and are difficult products to recycle.

These are some liable reason to impose a ban on plastic straws and go for sustainable solutions. Bamboo straws are the most efficient and best alternative to plastic straws in the market due to its multiple advantages over plastic straws.

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Research Methodology:

The sources which have been used to validate the estimated market size include annual reports of key market players, industry journals & magazines, research papers, and other relevant data available in the public domain. Primary sources referred include focused discussions with C level executives, distributors, independent consultants, and key industry experts, among others.

The pricing analysis can be done on the basis of length of bamboo straws.

Companies operating in global bamboo straws market:

  • Straw Free
  • Buluh Straws
  • Anji Wuyuan Bamboo Products Factory
  • Bamboo Straws Worldwide
  • Zone Bamboo Straws
  • Simply Straws
  • Kimberley-Clarke Corporation
  • Bambu

The road ahead:

Due to growing awareness among people products and restrictions imposed by the government against the use of plastic straws, the demand for bamboo straws is expected to rise. Although, the availability of other sustainable straw options such as paper straws, stainless steel straws and glass straws in the market is expected to hamper the growth of global bamboo straws market during the forecast period. But due to some exceptional properties of bamboo, the bamboo straws market is anticipated to witness high growth prospects in the near future.

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