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Disruptive Technologies in Pharma 2020 speaker interview

SMi has released an exclusive interview with industry expert Shikta Das, Independent Senior Data Scientist, ahead of the upcoming Disruptive Technologies in Pharma conference this January.

Disruptive Technologies in Pharma will bring together experts in pharma technology to explore the latest developments within artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, digital therapeutics, eHealth and blockchain, highlighting the challenges of implementation and how to overcome them.

During the run-up to the conference, SMi interviewed industry expert and conference speaker Shikta Das, an Independent Senior Data Scientist. Here is a snapshot of what was discussed:

What is your background in disruptive technologies and which technologies have you been involved with throughout your career?
“I have been a research scientist most of my career and recently started working with the pharma industry as a Data Scientist. My undergraduate degree was in Zoology and I became fascinated with the advances in genomics with the human genome coding in 2001. Therefore, I decided to study for an MSc in Bioinformatics from Birkbeck, London. That MSc opened the door to Imperial College London’s Bioinformatics team, working with pioneering bioinformatics research. I loved Imperial’s open mindedness and focus on innovation and decided to purse my PhD there. I thoroughly enjoyed that rigour and became a well acknowledged PhD. To be honest, I have never looked back since then.”

“I had long been at the edges of Data Science - I have been handling large amounts of data and running statistical modelling on clinical datasets, both of which seemed fundamental requirements for data science nowadays. I have continued to gain good coding experience in R since my MSc days and a great passion for personalized medicine- it is no accident that I have ended up in pharma! Also as I was very keen on learning prediction from data, I got involved with ML”.

As a data analyst in healthcare, what is your insight on the digital transformation process of the healthcare sector and the need for such transitioning?
“In my work, I spend a lot of time thinking about qualitative and quantitative data and connecting digital technologies with predictive models…”

To read the full interview, visit:

Shikta Das will be presenting on “Healthcare Disruptors,” which will cover recent advances in using AI in Healthcare and the impact of AI in Healthcare.

Disruptive Technologies in Pharma

20th – 21st January 2020

London, UK

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Disruptive Technologies in Pharma 2020 speaker interview

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Last Updated: 06-Jan-2020