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Creative Peptides Launches synthetic peptide APIs for Drug Discovery and Development

Shirley, New York – Earlier this month, Creative Peptides, one of the world’s leading peptide experts, announced to launch its synthetic peptide APIs for both researchers and manufacturers who are involved in the field of drug discovery and development.

API, the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, is the component of any drug that produces the intended therapeutic effects. APIs are also often viewed as bulk pharmaceuticals, which could be small molecules, peptides, proteins, etc. The peptides used as APIs are vital as they take a special role in the pharmaceutical industry. Only the API peptides synthesized under strict management and regulations can better serve the pharmaceutical industry and contribute to the enhancement of human health.

With years’ experience in peptide API manufacturing, Creative Peptides is viewed by many of its customers as the first choice when they need to outsource their pharmaceutical agent synthesis. “Large scale custom peptide synthesis is always what our strength lies in. During the past years, liquid phase synthesis is frequently used; however, recently the solid phase synthesis method has become more favored because of its unmatched advantages in reducing the difficulty of purification of product,” says a representative from Creative Peptides.

To make sure that the synthetic peptide APIs manufactured are in compliance with the current available regulatory direction and expectations, all the steps are designed and strictly carried out under the guidance of the US Pharmacopeia (USP) Therapeutic Peptides Expert Panel. All quality attributes to be considered for successful synthetic peptide APIs development are carefully studied and assessed.

The three articles titled "Control Strategies for Synthetic Therapeutic Peptide APIs”, which were published on the website of USP, offers valuable insights into the control strategies for synthetic therapeutic peptide APIs, taking analytical methods, raw material, and manufacturing process into consideration. These guiding articles offer a detailed instruction for a wide range of topics, such as analytical characterization methods, lot-release tests, manufacturing process, impurity control, raw materials used in the chemical synthesis of peptides as well as their potential influence on the quality attributes of the final APIs. As a reliable partner for APIs manufacture, Creative Peptides have served a great many customers by providing qualified APIs for their projects. Furthermore, a total of more than 100 peptides and related products are available from grams to kgs and under the generic standard to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) standard. These peptide APIs are broadly used in the fields of cancer, cardiovascular and diabetes research, etc.

“With advanced technologies and innovative methodologies, we are able to provide comprehensive support for all stages of APIs development and mass production,” further adds the representative.

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About Creative Peptides

Creative Peptides is a peptide manufacturer and supplier located in New York, USA. For years, it has been actively involved in the biopharmaceutical industry as it not only offers peptide-related products like cosmetic peptides, but also provides various peptide manufacturing and synthesis service, like custom MHC-peptides tetramer synthesis, recombinant peptide synthesis, peptide nucleic acid synthesis, peptoid synthesis, stapled peptide synthesis, peptide library/array synthesis, etc.

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Last Updated: 08-Jan-2020