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Development Of Thorium Fuel Cycle Market 2020 – Emerging Opportunities And Market Potential Of Top Key Players

Thorium Fuel Cycle Market 2020: Emerging Opportunities

The thorium fuel cycle has several potential advantages over a uranium fuel cycle, including thorium’s greater abundance, superior physical and nuclear properties, reduced plutonium and actinide production, and better resistance to nuclear weapons proliferation when used in a traditional light water reactor though not in a molten salt reactor.

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The thorium fuel cycle is the path that thorium transmutes through from fertile source fuel to uranium fuel ready for fission. Th-232 absorbs a neutron, transmuting it into Th-233. Th-233 beta decays to Pa-233 and finally undergoes a second beta minus decay to become U-233. This is the one way of turning natural and abundant Th-232 into something fissionable. Since U-233 is not naturally found but makes an ideal nuclear reactor fuel, it is a much sought-after fuel cycle. This fuel cycle is of extreme importance to molten salt reactors, as most of the proposed reactors could use the thorium fuel cycle.

Report Highlights

This report focuses on emerging opportunities from the development of the thorium fuel cycle.

Report Includes

An overview of emerging market and opportunities for thorium fuel cycle

Characterization and quantification of the thorium fuel market based on material type and technology type

Information on advanced materials for the thorium fuel cycle

Coverage of recent advances in technologies and applications of the thorium fuel cycle

Advantages of Thorium Fuel Cycle : 

Thorium more abundant than uranium and combined with a breeding cycle is potentially a major energy resource

Low inventories of transuranics and low radiotoxicity after 500 years’ cooling

Almost zero inventory of weapons usable plutonium

Theoretical low cost compared with uranium fuel cycle

ThO2 properties generally favourable compared to UO2 (thermal conductivity; single oxidation state)

ThO2 is potentially a more stable matrix for geological disposal than UO2

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Thorium Fuel Cycle: Emerging Opportunities

Global Market for Thorium Fuel Cycle

Global Market for Thorium Compounds

Development and Thorium Fuel Cycle Reactors and Emerging Opportunities for Advanced Materials

Global Nuclear Power Market Trends and the Thorium Fuel Cycle

Nuclear Dilemma

Market Potential for Thorium Fuel Cycle

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