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Impact of Unicorn Companies Market and Future Scope Discussed in Detailed Report with Forecast to 2025

Global Unicorn Companies Market Status and Future Forecast 2019-2025 provide an in-depth research on the fast-evolving Unicorn Companies Market. The Competitive analysis of the leading companies has been highlighted in the report along with the regional overview & global outlook of the market till 2025.

Unicorns are mythical creatures usually found in fables, myths and children’s lore. They are represented by a horse with a horn that may or may not have wings on its back. According to these tales, unicorns are exceedingly rare and possess magical properties. They are strong, fierce and noble creatures, and their horns can be used as cures or poisons.

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Cups allegedly made of unicorn horns (but in fact from rhinoceros’ horns, elephant tusks or narwhal tusks) were popular across the world in the middle Ages, from Europe to China. Unicorn blood was also considered to be healing, and there were many curses in existence for killing a unicorn. The earliest recorded unicorn artwork was from Mesopotamian drawings, and the earliest available references were found in myths of China and India.

The earliest reference in Greek Literature was by Ctesias (c. 400 BCE), who was probably describing a rhinoceros instead. In our modern age, the term “unicorn” is used to describe a financial behemoth. This usage was coined by the venture capitalist Aileen Lee in 2013 to describe a privately held company with a billion-dollar valuation. She called such companies unicorns because they were few and far between; no more than forty existed when the term was coined.

This report provides an overview of unicorns and the positive/negative impact they have in the sectors and geographies in which they operate. Some of the challenges facing unicorns and their investors are also reported.

What Are Unicorns in the Financial Market?

Unicorns are privately held organizations with a valuation exceeding a billion dollars. From less than 40 in 2013, when the term was coined, we now have nearly 500 unicorns. It seems they have multiplied rather quickly, which is the reason new terminologies such as “decacorns” (unicorns with $10 billion valuations) are making their appearance.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Impact of Unicorn Companies: Inhibit or Stimulate Competition?


What Are Unicorns in the Financial Market?

How Are the Current Unicorns Doing?

What Sectors Do These Unicorns Come From?

Who Backed These Unicorns and Helped Them Reach Their Status?

Are Any of These Unicorns Disruptive?

What Has Been the Global Impact of the Unicorns?

How Do These Unicorns Help Their Markets?

When Does a Unicorn Stop Being a Unicorn?

Is the Unicorn Wave Still Worth Surfing or Has the Tide Receded?



Laws and Regulations


End Goal

Market Monopoly and Competition from More Unicorns

Unicorn Struggle


Information Sources

Analyst’s Credentials

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