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28-Jan-2020 Expands Health Data Claims Coverage to Over 300 Million Patients

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --, the leader in patient-centered commercial analytics for the life sciences industry, announced today that it has recently onboarded multiple new health data assets, bringing total covered lives to over 300 million and significantly expanding coverage in both primary care and specialty markets.

The resulting combination of's medical and prescription claims data, taken together with its existing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) data, is now unmatched in the industry.

"With these exciting new enhancements, we believe that our medical claims coverage - which is increasingly the anchor of patient-centered analytics in specialty markets - is best in class" said Jonathan Woodring, Executive Vice President and General Manager. "In most emerging specialty markets the very basics of commercialization efforts are ambiguous due to traditional Rx data being insufficient to provide a complete view. Quantifying the total size of the market, understanding the patient journey, determining appropriate physician and patient audiences, and developing appropriate engagement strategies for physicians and patients remains an ongoing challenge in these markets. Our expanded asset allows us to continue our efforts to solve for these gaps, and subsequently improve the health outcomes for patients at scale."

Additionally, the newly expanded data set improves parent company Swoop's ability to create highly effective health audience segments. As the only consumer health data-oriented member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), Swoop provides biotech and pharmaceutical clients with an effective channel to commercialize's patient-centered analytics via audience-targeted advertising.

About, a Swoop Company is a high-tech data and analytics company based in Cambridge that focuses exclusively on utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable biotech and pharmaceutical companies to solve for commercialization challenges that require patient-centric analytical approaches where classical top-down HCP/Rx-centric approaches are insufficient. The combination of market-leading domain expertise in identifying appropriate patient cohorts combined with cutting edge ML techniques creates clarity out of ambiguity, assisting clients with sizing the addressable market, improving lucidity around the patient journey, and developing dynamic audiences and engagement strategies in an omni-channel execution environment.

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About Swoop

Swoop offers best-in-class health segments for audience targeting. By modeling populations based on deidentified health and demographic data, Swoop provides biotech and pharmaceutical clients with the digital messaging capability they need to educate patients and healthcare providers about their products and the conditions associated with them.

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SOURCE Expands Health Data Claims Coverage to Over 300 Million Patients

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