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Lily Bioceutical's Successful Product Launch For Beyond Flawless® Second Skin Opens Lucrative New Category For Beauty Retailers

EDISON, N.J., Jan. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Lily Bioceuticals™ CEO Michael Kruel reports, "We've provided women over 40 with a much younger-looking face on which to apply make-up and it lasts an entire day and night.  The enthusiastic response we are receiving from women and men is heartwarming."

Up until now there haven't been any useable treatments that instantly eliminate eyebags and wrinkles besides risky surgery.  99% of the available products use sodium silicate (also known as water glass) to temporarily tighten the skin.  Sodium Silicate flakes, leaves a white residue and cracks with the slightest of facial movements.  In addition, moisture and the inability to apply make-up render the products useless in social situations.

Bio-Nature Laboratories, LLC, a biotech research and manufacturing lab in Edison, NJ has developed the world's first patent-pending, viable, life-like second skin to diminish eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles - Beyond Flawless™ Second Skin.  It applies in gel/serum form and dries to create a waterproof, sweat proof, stretchable, breathable micro-thin layer.  It is completely invisible and undetectable and works for up to 24 hours and more. Customers report that they have slept with it on and it remains undetectable even after an entire night's sleep.  Additionally, Beyond Flawless supports the use of make-up.  (The only instant wrinkle remedy ever developed that can make this claim.)  Customers describe a renewed enthusiasm for applying make-up claiming that Beyond Flawless allows them to present a gorgeous, youthful look they haven't been able to show the world in years.

At the heart of the product is a technological breakthrough using graphene's honeycomb structure to support a crosslinking mechanism.

The projected market for this product is huge, estimated between $500 million and $800 million a year with the potential for a host of specialized corollary products to augment the line.

The product launch began with a modest DRTV campaign in New York that drew an immediate, strong response.  Michael Kruel states: "We are looking to explore business possibilities with companies that can appreciate this product and all the other technologically advanced products we already have in our collection and in our development pipeline."

For a dramatic live demonstration and inquiries call Jennifer Michelle at Bio-Nature Labs, LLC at (732) 738-5550.

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Lily Bioceutical's Successful Product Launch For Beyond Flawless® Second Skin Opens Lucrative New Category For Beauty Retailers

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