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OptionTrax® Launches Instant, Flexible E-Stock Certificates

RADNOR, Penn., Feb. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Plan Management Corp. (PMC), the leader in cap table management and equity compensation plan administration software, announced today that the latest OptionTrax® software release introduces new electronic share certificates that allow clients to balance both the corporate need for electronic records and the shareholder need for proof of ownership.

Cap table managers can use the standard OptionTrax certificate template, or upload their own design and layout, and can insert the proper officers' signatures all in one place in the system.  Additionally, once the administrator has chosen the design and inserted the signatures, they can create a certificate for any transaction with a simple button click. The creation is real-time at the occurrence of the transaction and the certificate is attached to the shareholder account.  The shareholder can then view and print the certificate from the OptionTrax shareholder portal.

Jonathan Miller, PMC's CEO, said in announcing the advancement, "We've tracked electronic share positions for almost thirty years, and we recognize that in some circumstances there is still a need for a visual certificate.  Our focus is always on keeping OptionTrax the most capable and flexible software to meet the diverse needs of our clients.  That is why we're always trying to make administrators' lives easier, while adding perceived value for stakeholders and equity plan participants.  This new enhancement does both—administrators have flexibility in creating the certificates, and stakeholders can have that physical documentation they can hold in their hands that shows they are owners of the company."

Multiple certificate templates can be created and stored in the system, and administrators can create and add restrictive legends to each template.

Companies often issue multiple types of securities.  OptionTrax now allows administrators to create as many different certificate templates as needed, with very little effort.  For example, administrators can create certificates for common shares, preferred shares, convertible notes, holdings with different types of restrictions and holdings with no restrictions.  And, of course, there are always easy to view and follow instructional videos there for the administrator.

Miller added, "And, of course, some people just want to be able to show their certificate of ownership to family or friends or a financial institution. This gives the stakeholder an increased level of confidence in the security of their stake in the business."

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OptionTrax® Launches Instant, Flexible E-Stock Certificates

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