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Analysis of RNA sequences and modifications by mass spectrometry published in Nature Communications

STORM Principal Scientists and collaborators develop novel algorithm for measuring RNA modifications by mass spectrometry

17 February 2020, Cambridge, UK: STORM Therapeutics, the biotechnology company focused on the discovery of small molecule therapies modulating RNA epigenetics, today announces that it has published a scientific paper in the peer reviewed journal Nature Communications.

The paper is entitled: ‘A computational platform for high-throughput analysis of RNA sequences and modifications by mass spectrometry’ and showcases breakthrough analysis of RNA sequences and modification using STORM’s mass spectrometry. The work, which was carried out in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, University of Tübingen, Germany, and the University of Pennsylvania, US describes a novel algorithm that allows the quantitative analysis of RNA modifications in the context of their RNA sequence using mass spectrometry. See link to paper:, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-14665-7

Dr Oliver Rausch, CSO of STORM Therapeutics, said: “STORM is a pioneer in RNA epigenetics and we are very pleased to see the publication of this paper in Nature Communications, validating the use of STORM’s algorithm, created to extend the use of mass spectrometric data to RNA epigenetics in order to boost the discovery power of teams investigating the role of RNA modifications in disease.”

The study describes a novel computational algorithm named Nucleic Acid Search Engine (NASE) that allows sequencing of RNA molecules by mass spectrometry including positional identification of chemical modifications on the RNA molecules. In particular, the algorithm enables the mapping of RNA fragmentation patterns obtained by mass spectrometry to RNA sequence databases, thus identifying the originating RNA molecules

Dr Hendrik Weisser, Principal Scientist at STORM and senior author on the paper commented: “I am delighted to see the publication of this new algorithm in a world leading journal. Our algorithm represents a novel approach for characterizing modifications on many different RNA species. Unbiased quantitative analysis of RNA modification on specific RNAs is one of the key challenges in the novel field of RNA Epigenetics and resources like NASE are critical to rapid innovation and advancement in the discovery of RNA modifications. By making this approach available publicly we are providing a new tool to the community that will accelerate overall progress in the field.”

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