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Dental CAD CAM Dental Prosthesis Market To Raise At A CAGR 5.6% Over The Forecast Period 2026

Persistence Market Research delivers the key insights on the global dental CAD/CAM & dental prosthesis market in its upcoming report titled “Dental CAD/CAM & Dental Prosthesis Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013–2017 and Forecast 2018 – 2026”. In terms of revenue, the global dental CAD/CAM & dental prosthesis market is projected to register a CAGR of 5.6% over the forecast period, owing to various factors, regarding which PMR offers detailed insights and forecast.

The dental CAD/CAM & dental prosthesis market is expected to record a year-over-year growth rate of 5.6% by 2026. The dental CAD/CAM & dental prosthesis market is segmented based on product type, end users and regions.

By product type, the dental CAD/CAM & dental prosthesis market is segmented into; dental prosthesis and dental CAD/CAM system. Dental prosthesis is segmented into custom dental prosthesis which comprises of dental implants, dentures, crowns & bridges, inlays & onlays and others.  And 3D Dental Prosthesis which comprises of ceramic based, alloy based and others.

Dental CAD/CAM system is segmented into chair-side system and laboratory system. The 3D Dental Prosthesis is expected to account a high share in the dental CAD/CAM & dental prosthesis market, with a growth rate of 5.7% by 2026. The laboratory system segment is expected to witness sluggish growth in the global dental CAD/CAM & dental prosthesis market due to already penetrated market space.

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The growth of the dental CAD/CAM & dental prosthesis market is related to the dental industry which would benefit a lot from the ongoing production change using digital method. As the technology continues to advance traditional methods, it betters the further improvement in treatments and outcomes coming out of digital manipulation.

3D printing is the most ideal solution which incurs cost that is simply there in other method and ideally helps the entire dental industry to have a cut shot in their spending and with higher production rate and waste control tends the manufacturers to have a better take at generating higher revenue. 3D printing is shifting from prototyping to production

The reach for dental CAD/CAM & dental prosthesis market to match the disposable income of the middle-class population across the globe has led to changing customer approach towards dental treatment. Products are more furiously accepted in emerging markets as they are cost-effective and offer good quality which suits the present condition and certain points of reimbursements policies for dental CAD/CAM & dental prosthesis which somehow shifts with regional influence marks as a trend that is being followed and visible in emerging regions.

It is an emerging opportunity for manufacturers to provide in-clinic systems to clinics in order to produce dental prosthetics, which is going to save ample time in building a prosthetic, makes the entire process less expensive, provide a more precise finishing and easy working condition. 3D dentistry is well on its verge to become the new standard of dental care.

Most of the dental caries are objective to school going children and is supposedly taken care by the dentists in major high income countries. But the question arises when middle and low income countries are surveyed, a different trend of cases are reported there. As there is a relative high no. cases in North America and in the European region; the count is somewhere less in Western Pacific and Eastern Mediterranean and for it is less severe in South East Asia and Africa. Also, in Africa, the dentist to population ratio is approx. 1:150,000 against most industrialized countries reported by WHO in 2009

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Last Updated: 19-Feb-2020