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When trading Forex, you'll see that both 'Bid' and 'Ask' prices are quoted. The bid price is the price at which you can buy the currency, while the ask price is the price at which you can sell it. If you are purchasing a currency in a trade, this is known as a long trade, and the hope is that the currency pair will increase in value, so that you can sell it at a higher price and make a profit on the difference.

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If you are selling a currency in a trade, the opposite is true - the hope is that the currency pair will fall in value, so that you can buy it back at a lower price, which means you will profit on the difference.

The number quoted for these prices is based on the current exchange rate of the currencies in the pair, or how much of the second currency you would get in exchange for one unit of the first currency (for instance, if 1 EUR could be exchanged for 1.68 USD, the bid and ask price would be on either side of this number). Learn more about Forex quotes in this article: Understanding and Reading Forex Quotes.

If you've been researching Forex trading, you might have seen the term 'Forex CFDs' at some point. There are two ways to trade Forex: using CFDs or spot Forex (also known as margin). Spot Forex involves buying and selling the actual currency. For example, you might purchase a certain amount of Pound Sterling for Euros, and then, once the value of the Pound increases, you may then exchange your Euros for Pounds again, receiving more money back compared with what you originally spent on the purchase.

About us

Global Trade Investment Solutions team has managed more than 3 million dollars per month in the last 6 years.

Algorithms trading with minimum 10% monthly profit. Minimum Draw down 5 years live performance available.

Global Trade an Investment Advisory Firm located in Cyprus. Global Trade manage portfolios for individuals, qualified retirement plans and corporate entities utilizing mutual funds and individual securities.

We have adopted Algorithm trading method for best performance with minimum 10% monthly profit and draw down, Global Trade Investment Solutions is striving to give best services. We have developed investment programs that appeal to both the conservative investor and the investor seeking more aggressive growth opportunities. Global Trade Investment Solutions has more than 6 years’ experience in forex trading. Our aim is to provide great returns to investors and moreover safety of their investment. You can completely rely on us without giving a second thought. Invest with Global Trade Investment Solutions and reap the benefits of trading in forex.


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Time To Start Trading | Register With The Experts Now‎ Global Trade Investment Solutions

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