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A New Testing Strategy: High Value PCR Screening Delivers Rapid Results for Legionella Detection in Building Water Systems

WARRENVILLE, Ill., March 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Phigenics announced today that its High Value PCR Screen is a new Legionella testing strategy that initially reduces the need for slow, traditional culture testing. This is done by increasing the volume of quick and accurate PCR testing, allowing the team to efficiently attack any positive detections. High Value PCR Screening enables Water Management Teams to solve problems faster, and more defensibly, which drives time and resource savings.

The High Value PCR Screening strategy implements the speed and accuracy of the Phigenics Next Day PCR (a molecular method for detection of Legionella DNA in water samples) to rapidly profile an entire building water system. Benefits include:

  • Next day results
  • 99.9% of samples with negative PCR results will also be negative by culture
  • Lower cost alternative to traditional culture techniques
  • Comprehensive coverage of a building water system
  • More efficient use of time and resources

Traditional culture techniques provide results in 10-14 days. Therefore, time to receive reliable negative results is reduced from nearly two weeks to just one day!

"Using a practical, cost-effective, high-volume, high-value screening approach provides building owners with a reliable, detailed and defensible picture of how well their water systems are functioning with regards to Legionella control," states Leah Wickenberg, Product R&D Supervisor at Phigenics. "This approach, combined with its lower cost per sample (compared  to conventional culture methods), presents a valuable cost-effective strategy for gathering data to make defensible decisions that will help prevent disease and injury associated with building water systems."

There is tremendous value in quickly identifying, the next day after sampling, those areas in the facility that are Legionella DNA-free and culture-negative. This allows for problem solving in areas of the building, if any, where PCR results are positive.  Positive PCR results indicate the presence of viable, injured, or killed Legionella.  Focused use of more expensive, time-consuming culture methods can be then directed to these PCR-positive areas. This will significantly improve the efficiency and problem solving efforts implemented by the Water Management Team.

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About Phigenics
Phigenics sells comprehensive water management programs. Facility managers and building owners use these programs to optimize the total cost of their water systems by improving safety and efficiency. These programs include regulatory compliance, data management and water testing analytical services, including Legionella testing services. As a non-conflicted, third party, Phigenics provides independent verification and validation that programs are defensible and water management goals have been achieved in the most cost-effective manner.

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A New Testing Strategy: High Value PCR Screening Delivers Rapid Results for Legionella Detection in Building Water Systems

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