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Stabilitech's COVID-19 Vaccine Intended to Be Delivered in a Disruptive Thermally Stable Oral Capsule

BURGESS HILL, England, March 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Stabilitech BioPharma Ltd, "Stabilitech" or the "Company", a private British biotech company established in 2005, this morning announces the completion of its COVID-19 Master Viral Seedstock, which it now intends to have manufactured and formulated into its patent protected capsule for oral vaccine delivery.

Once approved by the regulatory authorities, Stabilitech will disrupt the vaccine market by producing safe, efficacious, self-administered vaccine capsules that are inexpensive to produce, developed in weeks, thermally stable and can be posted direct to consumer.

Stabilitech obtained the COVID-19 genetic sequence as soon as it was available from China. The Company having previously worked on Anthrax, Ebola and most recently the Zika virus, has developed invaluable insight into emergency response vaccines. All novel vaccines must undergo clinical trials to gain regulatory approvals around the world.

Commenting on Stabilitech's advance in responding to the present global crisis, Dr Jeff Drew, Chief Scientific Officer, said:

"We have successfully completed construction of our adenovirus viral vector by adding COVID-19's Spike protein DNA as a cargo. The cargo will produce proteins which will cause both mucosal and systemic immunity. Our experience in developing vaccines for emergency response means that we are able to navigate the requisite steps to 'First In Human' trials within weeks."

Non-replicating adenovirus viral vectors have demonstrated safety in peer reviewed papers [], with numerous clinical trials conducted around the world, and products approved for gene therapy treatment of cancer. Stabilitech has patent protected thermal stability and oral formulations that form a unique delivery method and do not require an adjuvant. The Company is able to easily manufacture and dose millions of people in a fraction of the time usually taken. The Company will now expand its vaccine seed bank, growing the viral vector in multiple large and small bioreactors to meet demand for a thermally stable adjuvant free oral capsule.

Wayne Channon, Executive Chair, said:

"The vaccine capsule could be posted out or delivered by, for example, Amazon or Alibaba as it doesn't require cold storage, which reduces the logistical challenges of vaccine distribution that we witnessed during the Ebola outbreak, particularly in the last mile. Stabilitech's vision is that our vaccines will not require require health care workers to inject people putting themselves at risk of exposure, people will not incur needle stick injury and they will not be placed in close proximity to sick patients in health care settings, exposing all parties to further risk."

Stabilitech is continuing to develop and license its technologies for partnerships and clinical trials. The Company is presently in discussions with a range of investors regarding funding of its pipeline assets and has EIS Advance Assurance from HMRC .

Wayne Channon added:

"Our team and technology is uniquely well placed among viable responses to potential life threatening and communicable diseases. With the current threat levels high we believe we can yet again deliver a strong proposition that is capable of protecting millions of people globally."

About Stabilitech Biopharma Ltd

Stabilitech is a biopharmaceutical company that licenses its technologies to both human health and animal health pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Stabilitech has developed a thermal stability formulation that enables it to disrupt the vaccine supply chain. The company is developing a broad pipeline of vaccine assets.


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