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NetNoggin® releases the exploratory analysis "NASH/NAFL 2020 Outlook"

FREDERICK, Md., March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- An exploratory study, conducted by NetNoggin®, revealed which biotech and pharmaceutical companies (developing NASH/NAFL drug candidates) are driving conversations online and how the community is reacting to their progress. The top five companies that drove the most conversation volume during the one year retrospective listening period were:

  1. Gilead Sciences
  2. Genfit
  3. Intercept Pharmaceuticals
  4. Viking Therapeutics
  5. Pfizer

For each of these companies (and other companies studied in the analysis), conversations varied from mostly positive to mostly negative. Common themes throughout the listening period were opinions and commentary on clinical trial updates, business development news, and/or participation in awareness events and conferences.

Visit to request the full exploratory analysis.

"This exploratory analysis was important for us to share with the community during a time when social isolation is prevalent because this shows the community that we can still move forward with qualitative research by using netnographic methodologies," said Diana Conger, CEO of NetNoggin®. "We want to encourage safe methods of research to continue for markets like NASH and NAFL—where there is no treatment currently on the market—so patients can have access to them sooner than later."

This exploratory analysis was inspired by NetNoggin's involvement in the NAFLD community after publishing their syndicated patient journey report, NetNog: #genesis® NASH (including NAFL). A sneak peek of the NetNog: #genesis® NASH (including NAFL) is in the appendix of the exploratory analysis.

About NetNog: #genesis® NASH (including NAFL)
NetNog: #genesis® NASH (including NAFL) is a syndicated market research report that compares clinical literature and guidelines with patient and caregiver perspectives of the market using netnographic methodologies. Learn more about NetNog: #genesis® NASH (including NAFL) here:

About NetNoggin®
NetNoggin®, a subsidiary of Conger Consulting, LLC, is a premier market research agency that specializes in pharmaceutical marketing. NetNoggin® utilizes netnography to analyze and provide context to big data. By leveraging 30+ years of experience, their proprietary process derives strategic consulting insights from big data to inform Foundational Marketing Tools (FMTs), strategies, and tactics. NetNoggin® has expertise in market research; commercial, market, and clinical development; and communications to provide reliable research, presentations, and workshops.

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NetNoggin® releases the exploratory analysis "NASH/NAFL 2020 Outlook"

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