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Insilico Biotechnology AG incorporates Singapore subsidiary

(Stuttgart) Insilico Biotechnology AG has announced the foundation of its Singapore subsidiary, Insilico Biotechnology Pte. Ltd. This step enables the newly formed company to efficiently serve Insilico’s customers within Singapore and the APAC region. Insilico Biotechnology Pte. Ltd. will catalyze the digital transformation of the biopharmaceutical industry in the APAC to meet the specific demands of this rapidly growing biopharmaceutical market.

Insilico Biotechnology AG announces that their Representative Office in Singapore has now evolved into a subsidiary. This step will enable the company to address the unique requirements of the growing biopharmaceutical market in the APAC region. Insilico’s predictive solutions and Digital Twins for biomanufacturing enhance the capability of biopharmaceutical companies to provide high quality biologics at reduced cost and at accelerated timelines.

Klaus Mauch, CEO of Insilico says that “It is our aim to be a partner for both process development and manufacturing teams in the APAC biopharmaceutical industry as they strive to reduce the cost of goods and provide high quality biologics to billions of people. We think that the digitalization of the biofactory will play an important role in achieving the ambitious goal of producing biologics such as recombinant antibodies at less than 10$/g.” The director of the newly incorporated Singapore subsidiary, Dr. Shilpa Nargund adds "The journey from planning the Singapore subsidiary on a phone call in early 2018 to opening a representative office in 2019 and to finally founding the subsidiary in 2020 has been most rewarding. Even more exciting is the fact that our team in Singapore has grown to include highly skilled data scientists. We expect the team to grow further as our APAC order backlog is growing fast."

About Insilico
Insilico Biotechnology AG develops and delivers predictive Digital Twins to advance biopharmaceutical process development and manufacturing. Insilico Digital Twins of cell culture processes lead to superior productivity, product quality and process robustness. Groundbreaking predictive power is achieved by exploiting process data using artificial intelligence and biochemical networks. As a result, Insilico’s unique approach substantially reduces experimental effort, costs of goods and time to market. Leading biopharmaceutical companies worldwide use Insilico Digital Twins for cell line development, media design and process control. Founded in 2001, Insilico Biotechnology is a privately held company based in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Last Updated: 26-Mar-2020