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Neteera, the Global Leader in Contact-free Vital Signs Monitoring, Launches Contactless Vital Signs Sensing System for COVID-19 Early Screening and Home Care

JERUSALEM, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As the world grapples with the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the spotlight has been thrown on the interface between those afflicted by the virus, and the infrastructure delivering essential treatment to those in urgent need.

It is precisely at this now overloaded juncture that Jerusalem-based startup Neteera has been toiling for the past five years. Neteera developed a tiny microsensor that senses vital signs such as heart and breathing rate at a distance and through clothing, without physical connection to the person monitored.

In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, Neteera today announced that it has accelerated the production schedule of its first-generation commercial platform, the Neteera Contactless Vitals series (NCV), in two distinct configurations:

  1. Neteera-1.0 Contactless Screening: Integrated with thermal camera, quickly detects elevated heart rate, breathing rate and temperature, established symptoms of COVID-19. Serves for first-line screening at hospitals, mass transportation, the workplace or any needed location.
  2. Neteera-1.2 Contactless Vitals Sensor: Continuous contactless monitoring of vital signs at the patient's location - whether in the hospital, outpatient care facility or home. Neteera's sensor raises the flag on those in need of urgent attention and reduces risk of COVID-19 transmission and healthcare associated infections (HAIs).

These platforms are at the focus of current collaboration by Neteera with governmental and corporate healthcare bodies in Israel and abroad.

Isaac Litman Founder and CEO of Neteera said: "Urgent needs require urgent responses and we call on additional industry players to join forces with Neteera in this initiative. The rapid deployment of vastly enhanced screening technologies will allow all of us to keep safe when we return to the workplace and will provide the opportunity for better patient care in the hospital and at home."


Neteera, the global leader in remote and contactless vital signs monitoring solutions, is a Jerusalem-based tech company. Neteera's combination of a proprietary high-resolution radar on chip and patented software enables first-time continuous monitoring of human vital signs remotely and without contact. This increases patients' comfort level, provides valuable real-time physiological data and reduces healthcare associated infections (HAIs) by minimizing physical contact between patients and healthcare personnel.

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