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InsurTech Holdings, Life Epigenetics, and YouSurance are rebranding to FOXO BioScience

MINNEAPOLIS, April 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- InsurTech Holdings, Life Epigenetics, and YouSurance today announced a rebrand to FOXO BioScience ("FOXO").

Inspired by new discoveries in human longevity through the lens of the "Epigenetic Clock," FOXO is the leading developer of epigenetic technology for industries focused on providing cutting-edge molecular biological insights into human health, wellness, disease and aging. FOXO specializes in the identification and development of epigenetic signatures related to biomarkers of human health through the application of leading supervised machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Prior to rebranding, Life Epigenetics and YouSurance were separately focused on delivering innovation to the life insurance industry with step-change underwriting technology and a consumer engagement platform to improve health and wellness. Under the rebrand, FOXO will continue its groundbreaking work to provide support for step-change innovation in the longevity industry, while also expanding the company's mandate to service additional market verticals with the company's technology platform. 

To that end, FOXO is expanding its line of business to support the greater research community with customizable products and services that foster groundbreaking scientific discoveries in the field of epigenetics. The company was responsible for the important technology transfer that is leading to the upcoming release of the Infinium Mouse Methylation Array.  In addition, FOXO continues to bring supporting bioinformatics software packages that facilitate scientific breakthroughs by accelerating and simplifying the processing of complex epigenetic data.

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About FOXO 

FOXO BioScience LLC ("FOXO"), is the leader in commercializing epigenetic testing services and technology. Through a series of partnerships and collaborative relationships, FOXO is developing cutting-edge molecular biology insights for commercial applications that support scientific research, groundbreaking discoveries, and disruptive business initiatives. FOXO offers high throughput laboratory services, bioinformatics, and epigenetic signature discovery and development to researchers and businesses seeking to commercially apply novel epigenetic mechanisms involved in health, wellness, disease and aging. For more information about FOXO, visit or email


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InsurTech Holdings, Life Epigenetics, and YouSurance are rebranding to FOXO BioScience

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