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PHASE Scientific launches PHASIFY(TM), a VIRAL RNA Extraction Kit for COVID-19 test

GARDEN GROVE, Calif., April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PHASE Scientific announces the worldwide commercial launch of the PHASIFY VIRAL RNA Extraction Kit as part of its global effort to help detect and control the COVID-19 disease. PHASIFY VIRAL purifies and concentrates viral RNA in patient viral transport media samples. This novel technology outperforms conventional solid phase extraction methods in RNA yield and concentration.

Conventional solid phase extraction technologies have performance limitations that result in poor sample quality. The concentration of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in patients' (especially early stage) samples is relatively low, inducing low PCR detection sensitivity, high false negatives occurrences, and necessity for repeated confirmation testing.

PHASIFY concentrates target molecules by 10-100x, making them easier to detect. PHASIFY can make any diagnostic test more affordable, faster, easier, and more accurate.

PHASIFY VIRAL kit, which incorporates the PHASIFY proprietary liquid phase extraction technology, produces greater viral RNA yields. This is enabled by an increased sample input volume up to 1 mL per extraction, and enhanced final viral RNA concentration with flexible elution volume down to 10 ┬ÁL. Its easy-to-use design requires no additional specialized equipment such as magnetic racks and vacuum pumps for operation.

As proven by validation data, the PHASIFY VIRAL RNA extraction kit enables a 3-6 cycle threshold reduction compared to solid phase extraction. Discussing the need for rapid testing for COVID-19, Founder and CEO Ricky Chiu, Ph.D., said, "We believe the PHASIFY VIRAL kit will be a new breakthrough approach for the fight against the COVID-19 disease. Our products can help increase detection sensitivity, decrease false negative results, enable earlier detection and increase confidence in diagnostic test results." Chiu added that adoption of the PHASIFY VIRAL kit will help laboratories establish themselves as reliable choices for COVID-19 testing.

Applications of the PHASIFY VIRAL RNA Extraction Kit can be expanded to cover a wide scope of RNA-type virus extractions to help research institutes, hospitals, and diagnostic labs to improve diagnostic performance.

PHASIFY VIRAL RNA Extraction Kit is being supplied to customers worldwide.

PHASE Scientific is a biotech company founded by bioengineers from UCLA. We build tools that empower people by giving them better information about their health. Now headquartered in Hong Kong, our global footprint includes R&D, and manufacturing facilities in Southern California and offices in Mainland China.

Tom Round
Phase Scientific 
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PHASE Scientific launches PHASIFY(TM), a VIRAL RNA Extraction Kit for COVID-19 test

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