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STORM Therapeutics announces publication in Nature Reviews Cancer on the role of RNA Modifications in Cancer by Founder Professor Tony Kouzarides

17 April 2020, Cambridge, UK: STORM Therapeutics, the biotechnology company focused on the discovery of small molecule therapies modulating RNA epigenetics, today announces that it has published a scientific paper in the peer reviewed journal Nature Reviews Cancer.

The paper entitled ‘Role of RNA modifications in cancer’ is an authoritative and comprehensive review of the emerging and highly promising field of RNA epigenetics, highlighting pathways implicated in cancer to-date, describing their biological functions and their connections to the disease. The paper, written by Tony Kouzarides and Isaia Barbieri from The Gurdon Institute, The University of Cambridge describes insights into seven different internal RNA modifications, their mechanisms of actions (where known) and the evidence linking them to cancers. See link to paper:

Professor Tony Kouzarides, Founder of STORM Therapeutics and Deputy Director of Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge, said: “This paper describes the importance of understanding key RNA epitranscriptomic pathways and their implications for a wide range of cancers. It highlights that an increasing number of RNA modifications and the enzymes responsible for their deposition, removal and detection (or writers, erasers and readers) play context-specific roles in a rapidly expanding catalogue of cancers. They are expected to be tractable for development of targeted small molecule therapies for a wide range of those cancers and could additionally enhance the efficacies of current cancer treatments by affecting primary and acquired drug resistance.”

Keith Blundy, CEO of STORM Therapeutics, said: “I am delighted to see the publication by our Company Founder of this paper in a world leading journal. The diversity of RNA modifications and the molecular pathways in which they are involved demonstrates this is only the beginning of the era of RNA epigenetics in cancer therapy and treatment of a wide range of other diseases. STORM Therapeutics is the leading company currently tackling disease through modulating RNA modifying enzymes and is developing a unique platform to address these enzyme classes, including RNA methyltransferases. We expect our lead drug candidate, METTL3, to be the first RNA epigenetic drug to enter human clinical trials in 2021.”

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