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Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions for 2020

Hiring a Pharmacy Technician can be a complicated process if you aren’t prepared as an employer. Pharmacy Technicians work under the supervision of a head pharmacist within a pharmacy. They are the professionals responsible for dispensing the prescription and over the counter medications to customers or healthcare professionals.

They are responsible for assembling medicines and prescriptions. They provide information about those medications to patients as well. A Pharmacy Technician can be found within a hospital pharmacy or a retail pharmacy under the direct report of a licensed pharmacist.

Here are some of the responsibilities that are required from Pharmacy Technicians:

Review written prescriptions and refill requests from patients and physicians.Record medical histories and maintain confidentiality according to HIPAA regulations.Delivery quality customer service to patients, and respond to inquiries or questions about the pharmaceutical they are controlling.Verify the accuracy of patient information.Process patient insurance.Perform regular inventory audits and purchasing of supplies or medical equipment.Generally assist the lead or head pharmacist with regular daily activities.Be an adaptable resource for the pharmacist.

Given those requirements, here are the questions that we might find ourselves wanting to ask our upcoming Pharmacy Technician candidates.

Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions

What HIPAA requirements and regulations should you follow in this role?

Displays the candidates previous work experience and their understanding of HIPAA regulations.

What types of questions would you expect a physician to ask you?

Reveals more about the candidates background, work history, and their ability to work alongside physicians in a hospital or retail practice.

What types of questions would you expect a patient to ask you?

Reveals more about the candidates background, work history, and their ability to work alongside physicians in a hospital or retail practice.

What types of supplies and medical equipment need to be replenished frequently?

Reveals more about the candidates ability to prepare for upcoming needs of a hospital pharmacy or retail pharmacy.

What constitutes good customer service in this role?

Reveals more about the candidates ability to provide customer service and support.

Why do you want to be a pharmacy technician?

Revelas a candidate’s true passions for the job and where their interests may be within the job description.

Hiring Tips

A Pharmacy Technician should be someone who has the ability to conduct themselves professionally. They may be interacting with a lead pharmacist as well as customers on a daily basis. This means their active listening skills and communication skills need to be well developed.

Through some of these interview questions, you should be able to see deficiencies in their communication skills if they are present. Such as:

Not being able to answer interview questions in a concise fashion.Not being able to repeat or recite the duties of the job.Not being able to define HIPAA requirements or regulations as it pertains to the needs of the pharmacy.Not performing regular “run the business” type of written communication skills, like sending you a “thank you” email after your interview.

These are helpful indicators that the candidate might be lacking in some areas of their professional experience. Ultimately, it will be up to the pharmacist or the administrative staff to make the ultimate decision about the candidate. It can be helpful to have the candidate interview with multiple staff members and divide up which competencies they are looking to test with their interview session. Then regroup at a later date and determine how the candidate performed against each one.

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