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What the Coronavirus has Done to Those Working in Healthcare

The Coronavirus has led to lockdowns and curfews in a number of countries. The economic downfall of a number of countries has been pronounced and decisions by certain nations have been vastly different. The one aspect to keep in mind is that there are people that are fighting against this pandemic daily. Healthcare workers are risking their lives and the health of those they come into contact with in their personal lives to help reduce the death toll of COVID-19. Recognizing the changes that have occurred in the personal and professional lives of healthcare workers is important. Below we’ll delve into what the Coronavirus has done to those working in healthcare.

Healthcare Workers Can’t Live at Home in Some Cases

Going home to a house full of children after potentially coming into contact with someone carrying COVID-19 is not an option. Finding temporary housing for healthcare workers is essential as all medical professionals seem to be in dire need. The ability to rest up without worrying about impacting your family in a negative manner can relieve stress. Missing children or significant others are going to be common but it is truly for the greater good to distance yourself as a healthcare professional.

There has even been a case in Florida where a mother that was a doctor lost custody of her child due to potentially being exposed daily at her job. The overstepping of some local governments into matters that are personal has been rampant. Many healthcare workers will likely be far more involved in their local elections due to the violation of rights that has become the norm.

Loss of Jobs in Dentistry Have Happened

Loss of jobs in dentistry has been immense whether it is new dentists to a practice or dental hygienists. The financial burden of student loans for new dentists that have no source of income currently can be enormous. The fact that these businesses were shut down due to not being essential is not something that all dental professionals agree with. In the case of infection, a dental professional can identify this with some infections being potentially life-threatening. Dentists do agree that spreading the virus will be far easier due to the nature of dental work. The importance of remembering that even those not on the front lines fighting the pandemic have also had to make sacrifices. Recovery tips for these practices and businesses will differ depending on the type of healthcare.

Certain Professionals are Receiving Hazard Pay

There are those that are at the highest risk like those working in nursing homes that are receiving hazard pay. Putting themselves in harms way is just another day for our brave healthcare workers. The pay might not be worth it to many as infection of a loved one is not worth any amount of money for most.

Impact on Healthcare in the Future

There is one bright spot out of this disaster which is more people have adopted telemedicine. Telemedicine is not only just convenient but due to the lessening of restrictions, virtual appointments are billed like physical appointments which was not the case before the pandemic. Virtual appointments reduce time in the hospital for rehab and can be used to easily check up on the healing of a wound. More people will realize the convenience of not having to wait with potentially sick people at a doctor’s office. The robotics utilized during this time is nothing short of incredible. These remote-controlled robots can bring medication and can even check the heartbeat/lungs of a patient with a stethoscope attachment.  

As you can see there is a myriad of changes happening for healthcare workers. Support these professionals in any way you can as they are fighting the good fight.

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Last Updated: 06-May-2020