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Tech Charity Bytes For Heroes Launches #lunchbytes To Feed A Million NHS Keyworkers Across The UK

New Charity initiative Bytes for Heroes asks the tech industry to “do lunch” together virtually every Wednesday to raise funds

London, 12th May 2020 - Today, recently launched UK technology led charity initiative Bytes for Heroes has announced #lunchbytes, a new fundraising campaign bringing working from home and other working separately tech team members for lunch every week.

The Bytes for Heroes team will be kicking this off tomorrow (Wednesday, 13th May) at 1300h by having lunch together on a video call, donating to the funding page and posting the screengrab of their lunch on social media. This will become a regular thing similar to the Thursday night “Clapping for the NHS”.

Teams are invited to do lunch as a Byte (Eight diners), a Nibble (Four diners) or two bits (Two diners), but other numbers are also welcomed of course. #lunchbytes is not only raising money, but helping to reduce isolation and improve mental wellbeing within tech teams encouraging them to stay in touch socially as well as for work.

Peter Rossi, Founder of Bytes for Heroes said, “As tech teams are working remotely, we thought we'd encourage reconnecting as a team for a great cause - our NHS keyworkers. Not just reconnecting for meetings on Teams or Zoom, but to actually break bread together and share lunch. Send a screenshot of the group, post it on social as a #lunchbytes lunch and make a donation. It is as simple as that."

Donations for #lunchbytes: Just decide on the size of your #lunchbytes team from #fullbyte (£40 for up to eight diners) #nibble (£20 for up to four diners) #2bits (£10 for two diners) and go to the Bytes for Heroes GoFundMe page.

Bytes for Heroes is looking for donations from local and national tech firms across the UK to donate by supporting #lunchbytes or by straight donations to fund supporting local caterers and the keyworkers at hospitals across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Donations can be across the UK or specific to local hospitals close to company offices or which have a particular importance. It is also on the lookout for more caterers across the region to work with us to ensure this can see us through the next few and undoubtedly challenging weeks.

#lunchbytes #TogetherWeAreStronger

For more information on getting involved, please visit

Tech Charity Bytes For Heroes Launches #lunchbytes To Feed A Million NHS Keyworkers Across The UK

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Last Updated: 18-May-2020