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How to Start the Keto Diet

American Fork, Utah, United States, June 1 2020 Published via (Wiredrelease) — There is plenty of information out there about the keto diet. Proponents sing its praises while others claim that it is a dangerous fad diet. Here’s what you need to know about how to start the keto diet for yourself.

How it Works

The basic premise of the keto diet is to replace carbohydrates as your body’s primary energy source. The goal is to teach your body to use fat for energy instead. This way, your body will draw from its own fat resources in order to fuel itself instead of relying on carbohydrates and continuing to store away fat for the future. 

Some keto diets are more extreme than others, but it is safest to keep some level of carbs in your diet. The standard ketogenic diet has very low carbs but allows quite a lot of fat in the diet in order to fuel your body. 

This is a safer choice for most modern people who are accustomed to always having a lot of calories to fuel their energy throughout the day. Your body won’t have to sacrifice any fuel, it will just have to learn to use fat instead of carbs. Here are the percentages of the standard ketogenic diet:

75% fat 20% protein 5% carbsFoods to Eat

One of the most attractive features of the keto diet is the number of things that you are allowed to eat. When most of us think about dieting, we think of dramatically restricting ourselves in regards to what we enjoy. Some of us even come to think of dieting as a time in our lives when food is not a major source of pleasure. However, the keto diet allows all kinds of delicious foods:

 Eggs, Meat, and poultry Nuts,  olive oil, and avocado Cream, butter, and plain Greek yogurt

There are many more varieties that you can try, but in general you are trying to avoid sources of carbs and sugar. In general, meat is always a  safe source  of delicious energy on the keto diet. Many Americans will notice little deviation from their standard diet, especially in main dishes which are so often meat-based as it is.

Foods to Avoid

 It’s no fun to avoid foods that we enjoy eating, but in order for any diet to be successful, there has to be some change from the things that you would choose to eat if there were not restrictions. Unlike some other diets that allows some deviation and cheating as a part of the plan, the keto diet can be seriously affected by cheating. 

The effectiveness of the keto diet depends on Ketosis taking place. Ketosis can only take place if your diet contains a very small amount of carbs. For most people, more than 50 carbs a day can take them out of Ketosis. Therefore, you should do your absolute best not to cheat on your keto diet if you can avoid it. 

With so many indulgent foods that you are allowed to eat, you should be able to fill your tummy with an alternative that will help you get through it. That said, here are some of the foods that you need to avoid. 

Bread, pasta, and grains like rice, oats, and wheatSugar,  sugary products, and sugary drinksStarchy fruits like apples, peaches, and bananasStarchy vegetables like yams, corn, and potatoes

One of the hardest things about the keto diet is learning that what is healthy is not necessarily good for the keto diet. You may have gotten accustomed to thinking of things like apples and orange juice as healthy, but on a keto diet, they can break Ketosis.

Try the Keto Diet for Yourself

Whatever you’ve heard about Keto, the fact is that this diet is taking hold of America in a serious way. This diet is scientifically based and many people have found a lot of success with it. If you’ve been wondering how to start a keto diet, stop wondering and give it a try. It’s easier to incorporate into your lifestyle than you may think. 

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