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How You Can Use Video Conferencing Platforms to Improve Your Health

The Coronavirus has made it more essential to distance ourselves than ever before. Video conferencing platforms have taken off with Zoom being the most popular right now even Skype has been around for far longer. You can do everything from seeing family to having your doctor write you a prescription. Technology can be used as a powerful tool when it comes to your health. You can see a nutritionist or the best personal trainer in the world that specializes in training people with specific injuries/body types. The following are ways that you can use video conferencing platforms to improve your overall health.

Improved Preventative Care

Telehealth services provide some great care due to inputting vitals on a daily basis. Being able to foresee a health problem on the horizon is important. Seeing a doctor for an annual checkup might not be enough as some conditions worsen quickly if not addressed. You might be gaining weight and seeing your blood pressure skyrocketing. Most people do not check their blood pressure daily but keeping your doctor updated can work wonders. Do not underestimate being able to reach out to your doctor and get nearly an immediate response no matter your personal health related question.

Train with Friends Around the World

Training with friends around the world can be a great way to get your competitive juices flowing. This could be on a rowing machine or doing a Crossfit home workout. There are just some people that understand what motivates you and have worked out with you before. You want to get the most out of your workouts and your friend can even give you tips if they completed the workout earlier in the day.

Utilize Top Fitness Professionals Regardless of Location

There might be a trainer that you think is one of the best you have ever worked with. You can now take your trainer with you if you relocate via video conferencing platforms. Athletes do this as a trainer will be able to help you with technique on exercises. The only drawback is that you don’t have a physical spotter there when you are lifting weights. Find a trainer that understands your goals and really motivates you to do better with each session regardless of where they are located.

Socializing in the Time of Social Distancing

Your mental health has to be considered during this present pandemic. Isolation is not good for long durations which is the reality for many people living alone on lockdown. Being able to see your friends on a Friday night virtually is better than nothing. There are games that you can play like trivia for the specific friend group as there are platforms that allow for this. Seeing people and being able to ask them how their week was is an important part of life. You do not want to feel even more disconnected from those you cannot currently see due to social distancing restrictions.

Video conferencing platforms are keeping people together in a time where it is most essential. Improving your health with this technology is easier than ever!

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Last Updated: 09-Jun-2020