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The Mediterranean Diet Plan: Kimberly Clark’s 30-Day Weight Loss Meals and Recipes Guide

Homewood IL, United States, June 9 2020 Published via (Wiredrelease) — The Mediterranean Diet Plan by Kimberly Clark is a diet guide that helps consumers to transform their physique with techniques and modifications to their eating. The program centers around many of the classic elements of a Mediterranean diet, offering is complete 30-day challenge that comes with many health enhancing guides such as The Recipe Book, The Detox Guide, Meal Plans, Winner’s Morning Routine Guide, The Beach Body Program, Bulletproof Guide and the introduction, basic concepts and principles of the world’s most popular and arguably most healthy diet in the world:

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What is a 30-Day Mediterranean Diet Plan?

A Mediterranean diet isn’t really a “diet,” per se. Instead, most people that eat like this are just adjusting their lifestyle in general. With inspiration from southern Europe, it focuses mostly on using olive oil, poultry, plant foods, fish, beans, and grains on a regular basis, incorporating traditions that are found in the cuisine of Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and southern France.

Much of the reason that the Mediterranean style of cooking has gained traction has to do with the heart-healthy nature of the foods. Studies have shown that the diet is high in omega-3s and other heart healthy ingredients, inherently reducing the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. While this diet doesn’t directly include foods for the purpose of slimming down, the changes to fiber intake and the reduced amount of processed foods and red meat can have a positive effect on weight loss.

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What Does the Mediterranean Diet Plan Offer?

The creator behind the Mediterranean Diet Plan starts off by describing her struggle to have clothes that fit for her own job at a medical office. She attempted to fit into scrubs in a size 3X, which she couldn’t get into, but she was too embarrassed to seek out a size any higher. This embarrassment over weight is a common occurrence for anyone that is overweight, constantly looking for clothing that can fit with their body. While no weight loss plan works right away, a Mediterranean diet can help to create the right climate within the body to lose weight.

The Mediterranean Diet Plan focuses on changing the individual’s perspective on food, adopting habits that Italian families take on. While she claims that the average American family eats a diet that is heavy in fatty meats, pasta, bread, and alcohol, she states that Italian families are much trimmer as a result of their eating habits, even though they each much of the same thing. Instead of blaming the results on genetics, the creator of the Mediterranean Diet Plan offers a regimen that is easy for anyone to take on.

Much of the attention from the Mediterranean Diet Plan is on the Italian side of the cuisine, though they incorporate many elements from Spain, Malta, Lebanon, and Greece for a broader selection of dishes. The American diet keeps consumers wanting more, even when they’ve consumed too many calories for their body. Mediterranean cuisine, on the other hand, gives the body a greater feeling of satiety.

The whole Mediterranean Diet Plan keeps the directions simple, telling consumers exactly what to eat, when to eat it, and how to portion it. Planned over the course of 30 days, readers will learn about the meals that they can use for any meal of the day, along with the four foods that are the biggest culprits of the onset of obesity.

The creator is clear about what this plan is not – it isn’t a supplement. It isn’t a pill that consumers can take to make their weight fall off. In fact, the participant doesn’t even have to work out. Instead, the Mediterranean Diet Plan focuses on creating foods with rich flavors and beneficial ingredients.

Backed by multiple scientific studies, the creator has included multiple bonuses to help keep this program simple and straightforward for followers.

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What’s Included?

With this purchase, the primary e-book that the customer will get is the Beginner’s Guide, which gives a full rundown of the program to get started. Since there are many people that are unfamiliar with this type of diet, the simple rules and tips are completely laid out to make the transition easy.

For the bonus content, consumers start off with the Recipe Book, a 92-page cookbook that includes recipes that work for every skill level. With low-calorie desserts (as well as indulgent meals for the off days), consumers will learn both how and what to cook on this type of diet.

In Meal Plan, users have access to a 30-day nutrition journal that will tell consumers what they need to do to shed the pounds, improve their health, and more. The guide includes spaces to record what the user eats, along with their physical activity and water intake, so that the individual can see exactly what they are putting in their body day after day.

While the company is clear that physical workouts are not necessarily a part of the plan, anyone that wants their boost to their muscle tone can use a bonus guide called The Beach Body Program. The fitness book shows a regimen that takes about three months to six months to reach a fitter physique, taking advantage of the nutrition that consumers get from the Mediterranean Diet Plan. The workouts only take about 30 minutes, and they don’t require attendance to a commercial gym’s heavy equipment.

The Detox Guide is another add-on to the main program. There are many experts that believe that the best way to start any diet is by purging the toxins in their body, which can line the gut and stomach to prevent full absorption of nutrients. With the guide, consumers get a 14-day plan to help fight inflammation that has been caused by unhealthy eating habits. The website states that this guide is particularly helpful to individuals with joint pain, anxiety, and low energy.

Within The Winner’s Morning Routine Guide, readers will learn the right habits to start their day with (including breakfast) to help them trigger their metabolism to start working early in the day.

Bulletproof Guide is added on as a way to improve the immune system and strengthen its effects. According to the website, this program has techniques that could improve the user’s lifespan by ten years, while simultaneously preventing disease like Alzheimer’s and arthritis. Still, it is worth noting that these improvements are fairly common with a Mediterranean diet already.

The final bonus is access to a Facebook group that is only available to members of the Mediterranean Diet Plan program. With the support of others involved, the key to this group is to act as accountability partners for anyone else on the diet.

Getting Access to the Mediterranean Diet Plan

To get involved, customers will have to pay $37 to the website, which will then send a link to the content to the user’s email inbox. Since the materials are sent electronically instead of through the post office, users can start shopping for their ingredients and getting started before the end of the day.

If the user starts this program and realizes that either it doesn’t work for them or they don’t like the recipes recommended in it, their purchase is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee with no strings attached.


The Mediterranean Diet Plan brings consumers a healthy and delicious way of improving their health, and weight loss is just a side effect of the improvements. Considering that the top killers in the US are heart disease, cancer, and even diabetes, the use of a diet that is meant to be safer for the heart without sacrificing flavor is a relief. Even though the regimen that consumers get is only for about a month, consumers can keep these recipes as part of their regular routine after it ends.

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