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Revifol Hair Regrowth Support Supplement Launches to Tackle Hair Loss Naturally

Homewood IL, United States, June 10 2020 Published via (Wiredrelease) — Revifol is a hair loss support supplement that may stimulate regrowth for a healthier head of hair. The supplement targets the production of compounds like DHT in the body to reverse damage to hair follicles and reactivate them for strong and healthy hair.

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Let’s take the necessary time and review the inner workings of Revifol hair regrowth supplement and see what it is, how it works and what’s inside this trending hair loss support product.

What is Revifol

Hair can make a major impact on the way that an individual views themself, as well as the way that the world sees them. While it is common to lose some hair during the day or even to lose hair with hormonal changes, the fact remains that most people start to look older and worn down as their hair thins. As the hair gets thinner and thinner, it is only a matter of time before the individual deals with the unsightly frustration of baldness as well.

James Conner, the creator behind Revifol, takes the reader on his own hair journey before he introduces the solution that he found. He claims that he has many patients that have already used products like Rogaine and Propecia to help them overcome their issues with hair loss, but he says he discovered a better option that doesn’t require surgery or expensive plugs. To unravel why these other products weren’t working, James dug a little deeper to learn about the main cause of hair loss.

Revifol is different, because James claims that the remedy he offers will put an end to hair loss and thinning, once and for all. To understand what this product can do, consumers need to understand what James learned about hair loss and how it occurs.

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What Causes Hair Loss?

James claims that hair loss can be attributed to DHT, which is already supported by multiple studies around the world. DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, comes from testosterone. As the body ages, the testosterone naturally converts into DHT, and high levels of DHT are often attributed to hair loss. Therefore, to target hair loss, James focuses on reducing DHT levels and impeding the production of this steroid, but how. According to a study referenced by the creator, the conversion of testosterone to DHT happens as the body produces an enzyme called 5-ARD.

The production of 5-ARD isn’t attributed to aging, but to geography, claims James. In certain parts of the world, individuals consume high levels of the nutrients that is directly linked to the production of 5-ARD. James says that the lowering of this enzyme is the key to reducing the production of DHT and reducing hair loss.

He adds that this is hardly a hidden secret, and there are actually many researchers and doctors in Big Pharma that already known that there’s a solution now. Having a solution in the market isn’t profitable after the initial purchase, and there are many companies in the pharmaceutical industry that focus on treatments rather than solutions to preserve their bottom line.

The specific study that James refers to is “abandoned,” and it is not available to source from today. He heard about this story from an acquaintance who says that the study ended and was tossed aside when Rogaine was developed with the use of minoxidil. However, James claims that he decided to “pick it up where they left off,” as he worked with scientists to create a formula that he came to call Revifol.

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What’s In Revifol?

Revifol has many ingredients that consumers have seen time and time again in their multivitamins, like vitamin C, calcium, and zinc. Biotin is the only ingredient in this formula that has the specific amount (5000 mcg) and is directly linked to hair health and strength.

The only other component that stands out is a proprietary blend. These types of blends are a little risky, since there’s no way to see exactly how much of each ingredient actually is included. However, making up 1.21 grams of the formula, it offers:

— Methylsulfonylmethane

— Hydrolyzed collagen (types 1 and 3),

— L-Methionine

— Gotu kola

— Citrus bioflavonoids

— Grape seed

— Hydrolyzed keratin

— Alpha lipoic acid

— Amla fruit

— Licium

— Hyaluronic acid

— Bladderwrack

— Nori

While many of these ingredients help with blood circulation and the distribution of nutrients throughout the body, collagen and keratin are the only ingredients directly linked to the hair. More so, they are crucial to the growth of healthy and strong hair, though no studies have conclusively proven that they can stop the production of 5-ARD.

Still, the downside of a proprietary blend is the lack of information about how concentrated each ingredient can be, so the best way to see the hair’s reaction is just to start using it. Users will need two tablets a day to keep up with the regimen.

Buying Revifol

The Revifol formula is exclusive to the official website, though the threat it poses to Big Pharma may lead it to be pulled offline in the process, according to James. Still, as long as it still is available, the total cost of one bottle of Revifol comes to $69 with free shipping. Individuals that are already prepared to commit to long-term use may be more interested in the packages with two ($118) or four ($196) bottles so there’s no gaps.

While this solution is meant to work for nearly anyone, the creator offers a “special guarantee” that he will refund the purchase within 60 days if it doesn’t work like the user expected.

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FAQs: What Consumers Need to Know About Revifol.

What does Revifol do?

Revifol uses vitamins and minerals to suppress the production of 5-ARD, which then reduces the conversion of testosterone to DHT. As a result, hair begins to regrow.

Will Revifol irritate allergies?

No. In fact, the creators state that the formula has no reported side effects. Still, if the user is allergic to any of the ingredients on the label, they should discontinue use.

Why hasn’t Revifol been more publicized?

Having a solution to hair loss – rather than a temporary fix – could cost companies millions in revenue. In short, James surmises that Big Pharma doesn’t actually want a solution, because it would cut off their consistent revenue.

Will Revifol work for anyone?

Revifol is meant to work for any adult, any hair condition, and any age.


Revifol focuses on changing the way that the body’s enzymes progress over time to reverse hair loss. James, the creator, states that there’s no other product like it on the market, which may be true, considering the mystery study that he has based it off of. Still, there is substantial evidence to show that reducing the production of DHT is helpful to fixing hair loss and thinning, so consumers may just want to experiment to see if it works for their particular issue.

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