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Ethos, a new company, launched to re-define compliance training in a digital age

Salisbury, 11 June 2020 – A new, UK-based pharmaceutical ethics and compliance education company, Ethos, has been launched to bring new life to the sector. The company is the brainchild of co-founders, Dr Nick Broughton and Louise Sharp. Nick is a former Medical and Regulatory Affairs Director in UK and European pharma, with a conviction that the current compliance training paradigm needs to change. Louise is an award-winning marketer, specialist in learning methodology and Managing Director of healthcare communications agency, Makara Health.


Dr Broughton said: “For many people the experience of compliance training is not a positive one: it can seem dry, didactic and arbitrary. We don’t believe it has to be like that and indeed, to educate rather than train, it can’t be like that. Attendees to our courses learn how principles of decision-making apply across both traditional and digital channels. We believe compliance needs better marketing; good education like good marketing influences behaviour most when built on audience insight and we invest a lot of effort in that.”


Louise Sharp added: “We develop and deliver learning experiences that are thought-provoking by being emotive and memorable by being enjoyable. The ability to combine this approach with digital delivery offers something fresh and distinct to our clients.”


Ethos offers a range of courses on pharmaceutical ethics and compliance with the ABPI and EFPIA codes.  Education can come in the form of short motivational talks, ½, 1- or 2-day events or online modular experiences. We have the capability and resources to deliver full company educational programmes for both agencies and pharma companies, as well as intensive signatory courses for individuals and small groups.

About Ethos Pharmaceutical Ethics and Compliance Limited

Ethos Pharma is a UK-based ethics and code compliance training company, delivering innovative pharmaceutical and agency education in ethical compliance with industry standards.


We want learners to enjoy what they are learning and remember it. Whether face-to-face or online, we use multiple interactive techniques to engage learners and our ethics-based approach drives a deep understanding of regulation.


We want to make people into better decision-makers. Great decision making is more than just learning rules, it is about understanding them and knowing how to justify actions and make things happen. We don’t believe in compliance by avoidance of activity.

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