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Grand Specialty Pharmacy on What is a Specialty Compounding Pharmacy?

American Fork, Utah, United States, June 11 2020 Published via (Wiredrelease) — If your doctor recommended that you fill your prescription at a specialty compounding pharmacy, it’s a good indication that you have a very thorough doctor.  What makes a compounding pharmacy so unique to its counterparts?  The key difference is the specialized treatment you receive.  Unlike your local chain drugstore, a compounding pharmacy exists under the premise to give its patients complete personalization when it comes to prescription medication.  It’s how pharmacies used to exist, but with the addition of modern technology, it has been enhanced to provide the most comprehensive treatments.  

So the question still remains, what is specialty compounding exactly?  In a nutshell, it’s the art and science of preparing customized medication for patients.  When you are diagnosed with a condition, the medicines needed to treat that issue are often a generalized dosage based on the doctor’s knowledge of that prescription’s effects.  Under the supervision of a compounding pharmacist, dosages and even the format in which the medication is consumed can be completely tailored.  When filling a prescription for a medication, there are generally only a few ways it is produced to be sold to the masses.  At a specialty compounding pharmacy, you have the ability to receive your medication in forms that are generally not commercially available, such as transdermal gels, troches, lollipops, and capsules.  If you have difficulty swallowing large pills, or perhaps have a severe gag reflex, then certain types of medications that are only available in certain forms may not work for you.  A compound pharmacy can create a customized type just for you in the easiest form to consume.  

For those who have intolerances or allergies to certain ingredients such as dyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol, your compounding pharmacist can work to formulate a proper medication free of those harmful components.  It’s hard to find a way around these ingredients when taking traditional prescription drugs as the pharmaceutical companies produce them on a larger scale basis in order to churn them out quicker and more cost-effectively.  Since every individual is unique, it only makes sense to cater to the majority rather than those requiring specific needs.  For such a personalized service, one may assume that the cost for this will be significantly higher than the standard drugstore retailer.  On the contrary, because these pharmacies work so closely with your doctor’s office, they often will go the extra mile to ensure complete insurance coverage or work diligently to formulate a plan to ensure price will not be a hindrance to receiving proper treatment.  

Is this only for ingested medicines?  Absolutely not.  Compounding pharmacies can prepare a myriad of treatments for topical applications as well as oral for both adult and pediatric patients.  Especially useful with children, as they often have the most difficult time-consuming medications.  Having to treat ailments in children is hard enough as it is, but any method where the reduction of anxiety can occur makes it a worthwhile investment.  Even pets can be treated!  The possibilities for the level of attentive care specialized compounding pharmacies can provide seems to be boundless.   

This unique service is not only useful for those with specific intolerances but for patients who seek to truly understand what goes into their medications.  Sometimes, the side effects outweigh the pros of taking certain types, but with specialized compounding, the ability to omit specific ingredients helps alleviate some of the qualms you may have with traditional medicines.  The flexibility allows for the utmost attention for your healthcare needs, something that just seems to be missing from these big-box drug stores, truly personalized care from those you can trust.  

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