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Interferon-lambda has potential to reduce transmission of COVID-19, says GlobalData

The spread of the COVID-19 can be slowed by the use of interferon-lambda, which has the ability to inhibit replication of COVID-19 in the lungs and gastrointestinal tracts. This reduced replication of the virus lessens the amount of viral shedding and can reduce the chances of viral transmission, says GlobalData a leading data analytics company.

Johanna Swanson, Product Manager at GlobalData, comments: “Interferon-lambda is a naturally occurring protein and promotes the innate immune system’s natural defenses against infection. This promotes an antiviral state and slows viral replication. Receptors for interferon-lambda are found in the linings of the lungs, liver, and intestines. These limited receptor locations are likely to result in fewer side effects, and interferon-lambda’s safety has been previously demonstrated by administration to over 3,000 hepatitis patients.

“This clinical trial of interferon-lambda is important to establish the absence of pro-inflammatory effects in the lungs of COVID-19 patients, as the triggering of immune cells by interferon could worsen lung inflammation. The efficacy or reducing viral spread must not be outweighed by a potential immune over reaction.

“Interferon-lambda must also be tested to ensure that it does not promote bacterial superinfections in COVID-19 patients, one of the side effects of interferons. These potential adverse events have not been seen in the administration to hepatitis patients, and could be lessened by a short duration of treatment in COVID-19 patients.”

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Last Updated: 11-Jun-2020