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Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab Offers an Exclusive Section for Regulatory Resources

Starting from last year, the professional analytical testing organization Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab has been adding resources to its website regarding rules and regulations on the broad spectrum of testing and analysis for companies and agencies in the industry.

As an expert in testing and analysis, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab has an experienced technical team that uses advanced analytical equipment and technology to meet the needs of different customers in a wide range of areas, including environment, food, material, agriculture and crop, personal care & beauty, healthcare, fine chemical products, stationery & office supplies, building products, household & apparel, nano products and more. While conducting analytical testing for any sample material, the most important goal is make sure that the constituents are in compliance with relevant industry standards, thus safe for consumers once entering the market.

FDA, industry associations and other regulatory bodies have issued a lot of standards and regulations for testing and analysis at both local and international level. Before selling products in a new market, suppliers and manufacturers must gain regulatory approval from the local governing body or in compliance with the industry regulations.

To ease customers’ searching work of such information and also to make them more familiar with the latest industry information, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab has started to offer an exclusive regulatory section on its website back in 2019. For different industries, the regulations are certainly different. With more than one year’s accumulation, now the company provides regulatory resource in the following industries:

Building Product, Stationery and Office Supplies, Household and Apparel Products, Materials, Healthcare Products, Fine Chemical Products, Personal Care & Beauty Products, Agricultural Products & Crops, Children Products, Foods, Petroleum Products, Environment, etc.

For instance, in the regulatory section, an article titled Food Contact Regulations in US Market published in September, 2019 elaborates what manufacturers should do in their manufacturing process, what paperwork they should prepare according to FDA Certification Testing Items for Food Contact Materials before applying for certification, as well as what specific requirements there are, etc.

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Growing at a fast pace, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab is the world’s leading third-party testing company, providing one-stop analysis testing solutions for manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and consumers in different industries. Owing to expertise and high-end technologies, the lab can provide independent, fast-response, and cost-effective analytic and evaluation services to customers worldwide, helping them shorten the time to market products, reduce risks, and most importantly, increase the market value of products.

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Last Updated: 16-Jun-2020